If it weren’t for bad timing…

Timing? – Not a strength of mine…never has been.

I was born early – middle of the night – raging snowstorm in Cleveland, Ohio – and popped out at just 4-pounds, 2-ounces.

When I get in the shower…you can bet the washing machine’s running with a load of whites, on hot.

When a curse slips, there’s always a kid standing there…

When it’s easier to just pee in the yard, I’ll look up…and have to wave at a neighbor mid-stream.

My own wife hates to travel with me, because she KNOWS when I fly, there will be delays and overnight-stays in connecting cities.

I bought a leaky RV last year…we had flooding rains within 5-hours

Let’s not even get into my blood-squirting, lacerated wrist, suffered during a bathroom remodel rip-out while my wife was out of town.

I believe the saying goes: “If it weren’t for bad timing, I wouldn’t have any timing at all.” And I for one, am thankful for that…

If I hadn’t been recommended for a job on a busy weekend when I was moving into a new house, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do today.

And if I hadn’t nearly burned down her apartment, or lost the car keys during a snowball fight, forcing us to stay three extra days in Fussen, Germany…perhaps my wife and I wouldn’t have found that bond, that patience and trust, that emotional flexibility it takes – to get married, and stay married.

Bad timing is, and always will be, my M.O.; and just when that “bad timing” starts to frustrate me, starts to drive me out of my mind…

…I can’t help but laugh, hang-on, and wait to see where it takes me.