Mountain Springs Trout Park in Highlandville

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When my wife and I fish…we do just that – we fish.

We don’t CATCH…we fish – until we’re out of fuel…literally and figuratively.

It’s pathetic.

All changed when we visited Mountain Springs Trout Park…

We’re not tournament fishermen – whether it’s bass, crappie or trout – we’d love to catch our limit in keepers and head home for a hearty meal of the “Catch of the Day.”

At Mountain Springs – that’ll happen for you every time. It’s basically a trout grocery store. You show up, they hand you a pole and a cup of bait – the fish jump on the hook, you yank-out and keep the ones you want…then pay $5.50 a pound.

Price includes them preparing the fish however you prefer, then they put it on ice for you, so all you need to do is head home and heat up the peanut oil, oven or grill.

Friday, Dionne hauled-in a five pounder, I caught a four, and we kept three other 2-pounders. Melody filleted the smaller fish, and we had her simply gut the big guys. After some seasoning, and 30-minutes on the grill – that four pounder melted in our mouths, and the meat pulled right off the bone.

It’s fun, gets the family outdoors, and it’s a healthy meal after a unique ‘grocery run’ where you catch your own…AND it’s right down the road in Highlandville.

Forget the freezer aisle – Have some fresh trout tonight from Mountain Springs Trout Park – you’ll thank me later.