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Green – the color of Spring…from the popping leaves and sprouting grass – to the mucus you expel with every productive cough.

Though it heralds in warmer temperatures; with severe weather, flooding rains and extreme pollen counts when the sun comes out – for many in the Ozarks, this is the most dreaded time of year.

And for allergy sufferers, rain is just the calm before the storm. A short respite from misery that ultimately, only makes it worse – promoting quicker growth, heavier pollen counts and even more impacted sinus cavities…

But I’m just being honest here – I know a lot of allergy sufferers…and many make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Here they are – pounding head, aching frame, stubbornly thick congestion that a jackhammer can’t loosen – and when you stop by their place, the windows are open…because of the beautiful weather. If this is your M.O. – I don’t want to hear you complaining – suffer in silence – because you’re doing it to yourself.

I’ve actually had a conversation with a neighbor – obviously suffering – actually home from work because of terrible allergies; and where were we standing while having this conversation? In the yard, height of Spring, while this person was taking bed-sheets and pillow cases off the clothesline. REALLY?!

People, this is like saying: “You know, I’m sick and tired of being hit by trains,” and then every day, parking your car on a set of railroad tracks – only to be SHOCKED at the horror of losing another vehicle to an oncoming locomotive.

If you’re overweight, you can fix that – take control of your intake. Want to avoid lung problems or improve your breathing, you can fix that – stop smoking. Allergies are no different…you want to minimize symptoms, you can do that – start with decreasing your exposure to the allergens that affect you. Close your windows, use the dryer – and start making sense.

What’s the phrase? If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch. Well if you don’t take the simple, obvious steps to control your allergies…you know the rest.