A Role Model’s Induction

* On 26 January 2020, Don West was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.
Announcer Andy Taylor. Hall of Fame Broadcaster Don West

Relentless hard work leads to the Hall of Fame

Today Don West “officially” becomes a Hall of Famer. For all of us who’ve been lucky enough to work with Don, this lofty distinction defines how we’ve felt about his character since that first game…that first show…that first match.

Very few possess a natural ability to simultaneously inform and emotionally connect with moments in sport. At his core, Don is an avid fan, armed to teeth with knowledge that flows freely thanks to his work ethic, curiosity, extensive research, and genuine internal passion to paint each athletic moment with the perspective it deserves.

This is not “something Don does for a living.” It is a responsibility. To the viewer, to the listener, to the athlete, to the team, to the coaches, to the athletic departments – to the heritage of each sport, each game, each moment lucky enough to have him on the call.

It is only fitting that tonight, the tables have turned.

Andy Taylor Announcer. Hall of Fame Broadcaster Don West
Missouri Sports Hall of Famer Don West with Andy Taylor | World Team Tennis Broadcast

Finally, those who’ve had their stories illuminated through Don’s thousands of broadcasts have the opportunity to flip the spotlight, and honor the voice who has worked tirelessly to emotionally and eloquently frame their remarkable achievements.

Thank you to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame for recognizing Don’s significant contribution to sport in the Show Me State. Mostly, thank you Don West for your enduring commitment to excellence. There is no finer role model in sports broadcasting.

Don West and Andy Taylor | Commentators for the Springfield Lasers

For several World Team Tennis seasons, Don West and Andy Taylor provided commentary for Mediacom Television’s home coverage of the Springfield Lasers.

In Andy’s final season with Mediacom, the Springfield Lasers won their 4th Western Conference Championship, and competed for the 2013 King Trophy against the Washington Kastles.