World Lethwei Championship. Ancient Warriors

World Lethwei Championship. Ancient Warriors. Voiceover for the event launch promo


PRODUCER: Soul Production

VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

World Lethwei Championship. Ancient Warriors 2017

Lethwei is considered one of the most brutal martial arts in the world. Traditionally, it is a bare-knuckle brawl where headbutts are fair-game and fights can only be won by knockout. Should a fighter get knocked out, his team is allowed one opportunity to revive him and continue the bout.

The World Lethwei Championship modified the rules, introducing judges and eliminating injury timeouts. Championship bouts feature five 3-minute rounds with 2-minute breaks. Should the fight go the distance, the judges determine the winner by scoring the number of strikes per round. If a fighter is knocked down four times during the bout, the fight is ruled a knockout.

In early June, I voiced the promo for the World Lethwei Championship “Ancient Warriors” event, held on June 10th at Thuwanna National Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. In the main event, Polish kickboxer Artur Saladiak earned the decision, becoming the first foreign fighter to defeat Soe Lin Oo. In the co-main event, Too Too won a close decision over Frenchman James Benal. Of the eight bouts, three were decided by knockout.

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