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Societal Statement: The Next Generation.

Film & Documentary Voice Over defining America’s current reality through the perplexed eyes of a futuristic spacecraft captain, observing the planet from above.

Captain’s log, Stardate 2017.5

The Enterprise is in orbit above a planet whose surface, our sensors tell us, is devoid of any recognizable intelligence. Even at 25 years old, the offspring of the current generation’s inhabitants still depend on elders for health care…to daily financial responsibilities, despite the fact that they’re gainfully employed.

An entire generation has been raised as apathetic, life-time dependents, and continue to be enabled – a reality perhaps designed by nefarious forces deeply entrenched in the fabric of operational governance.

Our mission is to descend on this planet, inspire independence, convince the next generation of it’s worth through the significance of failure and accountability.

There will be no participation trophies. Phasers set to stun.

Video narration for short films and documentaries

Andy Taylor provides voice over for all genres of film.

Most notably, he narrates several documentary shorts that chronicle relief efforts in Yemen. For example, he voices films for organizations like the United Nations Development Program, the EU-funded Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen Project, Unicef and the World Health Organization.

The ongoing civil war continues to devastate innocent civilians in the Arab world’s poorest country. But few outside the region take time to understand the conflict. As a result, relief organizations contract Dot Notion to film and produce this content. Clearly, the hope is to boost awareness of an increasingly desperate humanitarian situation.

Essentially, what started as a local conflict after 2011’s Arab Spring, quickly escalated into a full blown civil war between Sunni and Shia. Even worse, when the Houthi movement (supported by Iran and Yemen’s Shia minority) began claiming territory, the acting Sunni president fled the country.

Consequently, Saudi Arabia and eight other Sunni-majority states entered the conflict. Fearful of Iran’s growing influence in Yemen, those nations continue to launch air assaults against Houthi forces. To put it another way, Saudi Arabia and Iran are at war against each other, without spilling a single drop of blood inside their own borders. Meanwhile, innocent civilians in the Arabian Peninsula’s poorest nation suffer.

Sadly, the humanitarian strides Andy narrates are often cut short, due to frequent escalations from both sides of the proxy war.

Andy, thanks for being part of this and coming projects as well. #YemenNotAlone

Hashim Hamoud Hashim. dotnotion advertising & media production

Documentary and Comedic Mockumentary Narration

Additionally, on the comedic side, Andy Taylor narrates a mockumentary entitled Barry, The Making of American Icon. Harnessing the edge and attitude of 1970’s documentary narration, Andy guides viewers through the sensational life of musician Barry Blowenthal.

The Toast of the Town in the late 1950’s, Barry rises to fame as one of the preeminent saxophonists in music. However, his fall from grace is just as epic as his climb to stardom. Without giving away the whole story, basically a freak accident, thanks to Jackie Onassis, destroys Barry’s career. Yet Barry suddenly rediscovers his relevance – after a prostitute lends him a sports whistle to prevent thugs from attacking him on the street.

I truly enjoyed working with you and super psyched you experienced the screening. Your VO is pitch perfect and really brings the piece to life.

Director Joan Hathaway. Barry The Making of An American Icon

Thanks to other similar projects, producers regularly ask Andy to bring attitude and “character” to a documentary script. As a result, he often books documentary reads for projects profiling Gangsters and the Mob. In 2018, he voiced the sizzle reel for a series in development titled American Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld. Later that Fall, director Thomas Salme contracted Andy to narrate his upcoming biopic profiling CIA and FBI informant, Ron Fino.

Film Narration: Character Required

While many projects that Andy Taylor narrates simply require a voice of authority, compassion or conversational tone – film narration requires a read that fits the attitude of the project’s subject matter. But just as importantly, it requires a reliable voice talent who understands deadlines and can repeatedly deliver narration consistent in character. This way, producers and directors can do what they do best – build a memorable story with impact.

If a documentary or short film is in your future, reach out to a dependable voice actor like Andy Taylor. Above all, find a talent who can flexibly adjust to build the unique sound and character of your production’s narrator.

Additional examples of Short Film and Documentary Voice Over

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