Voice Over. American Gangsters Documentary Series

Voice Over Andy Taylor. Revelation Films. American Gangster.
Voice Over Andy Taylor | Short Films and Documentaries | Produced by Revelation Films Ltd

Check out the 3-minute sizzler for American Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld on the In Development page of the Revelation Films website.

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Documentary Voice Over | American Gangsters

In June of 2018, London’s Revelation Films reached out to voice actor Andy Taylor. In short, they needed a narrator for a documentary series in development, American Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld. Because of his experience working with Vaylian Studios in Los Angeles, Andy was recommended for the role.

I have been given your contact details by Damien Christian D’Amico as we’re looking for a US voice for a project we’re currently working on and he’s recommended you. We’re a production company based in London and we have produced 2 versions of our ‘Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld’ documentary – one British version and one Irish version. We’re now pitching to make ‘American Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld.’

Maria Panayiotou | Production Manager | Revelation Films Ltd
Here are two examples of previous projects Andy voiced for Vaylian:
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Andy Taylor Narration. Vaylian Studios Augmented Reality
AR experience created for OPTIMA Batteries at SEMA 2017

Easy and efficient work flow

In Maria’s words, the voice over required “intensity” and “gravitas.” So, Andy provided several demos shortly after receiving Revelation’s inquiry. Maria then conferred with her team to select the option they felt best fit the production’s content. Once he received updated direction and the online payment, Andy recorded four narrations for the overall video, with same day delivery.

With rapid response, attention to detail, and quick comprehension of performance direction, Andy helped the Revelation team meet its demanding deadline with an abundance of options to use during production.

Profile of the Documentary Series in Development

Gangsters, or “faces,” are the men, gangs and family members who have been making newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past 50 years. Some of these individuals are household names. Strangers talk about them as if they are long-lost friends. But few would recognize them if their paths crossed in the street.

Capone. Gambino. Lucchese. Genovese. Bonanno. Colombo.

The mere mention of these people strikes fear into individuals and, in some cases, entire communities. Despite their notoriety, many of these faces – America’s most notorious criminals – remain largely unknown. That is, until now…

For the very first time, we’re delivering the biggest and baddest of American crime and we’re letting them speak on their own terms. They’ll tell us what they did, how they did it, and whether or not they would do it again. The featured people are the real deal: they have been there, done it. These are eye witnesses, storytellers. These are America’s genuine FACES.

Our series will cover first-hand the U.S. emergence of not only the Italian Mafia, but also the Irish, Greek, Mexican and many others. From the days of Prohibition to present day, the story of America’s underworld will finally be told from the real men and women of crime.

This unique series will cover organized crime from coast to coast. Gangsters tell their own stories, some for the first time, enabling the viewer an insight into the world of some of America’s most notorious underworld figures. The series will feature face to face interviews filmed in prison and on location.

Each episode will feature several FACES from the crime capitals of the U.S.: Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.