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Voice Over Andy Taylor / dotnotion advertising media & production, Yemen

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Removing Debris from four areas in Aden

Narrator Andy Taylor voices the above video.

The war in Aden left 356 buildings destroyed in three districts alone, with many more in the rest of the city. Often public buildings provide important services to the citizens. The debris is obstructing the streets, often with hazardous explosive remnants of war (ERWs) under the rubble.

Accumulating health risks is one of many obstacles in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, resumption of services, and reconstruction.

The amounts of debris removed to date:
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  • Salem Qatan school 8,142 cubic meters
  • Belqees Station 181 cubic meters
  • Local Council 6,230 cubic meters
  • Alshaab Hospital 1,777 cubic meters
  • Telecommunication Building 1,608 cubic meters


The number of indirect beneficiaries per region:
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  • In Daar Saad district 125,864
  • In Mualla district 76,592
  • In Crater district 118,427
  • In Khour Makser district 71,686


The total number of indirect beneficiaries overall? A staggering 392,569.

There are many to thank for the benefit of Hygiene in Aden. A special thank you to the office of the province of Aden, represented by the governor and agents of the provinces, along with the performance of the directorates for their continued, tireless work. Thanks as well for the great efforts of the government of Japan.

Learn more: United Nations Development Programme in Yemen

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Thanks to dotnotion for the partnership.

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– Hashim Hamoud Hashim. dotnotion advertising & media production