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مركز متكامل ومتخصص بالعلاج الطبيعي للرجال والسيدات والأطفال. الدكتــورة منـى المـطـر دكتــوراة بالعلاج الطبيعي والشلل الدماغي للأطفال الخدمات العلاجية: حالات الديسك المختلفة (علاج الديسك بجهاز السباين ميد) تم علاج اكثر من ٨٠ حاله خلال ٤ شهور الحالات العصبية للبالغين تحضير المريض للعمليات (تأهيل حالات الجلطات وال- أم أس. إعاده التأهيل مابعد العمليات حالات العظام والمفاصل والأربطه. حالات اصابات الملاعب للرياضيين الأجهزة: جهاز العلاج بالبرودة ( الكرايوثيرابي) الوحيد بدولة الكويت من شركه ميكوتيك الالمانية جهاز تخفيف الضغط لفقرات العمود الفقري (ثلاثي الأبعاد الأحدث) (سباين ميد) وبحمد الله نعتبر المركز الوحيد بدولة الكويت الذي يضم عدد ٢ من هذا الجهاز من شركه سباين ميد الكندية جهاز الموجات التصادمية بتقنية السبارك ويف الحديثة. جهاز العلاج المائي الشخصي العلاجات التخصصية: الأبر الجافه (د/منى المطر – شهادة معتمده من بريطانيا لعمل هذه التقنية) اللاصق الرياضي العلاج اليدوي العلاج الفيزيائي العلاج الكهربائي قسم الأطفال: الشلل الدماغي التأخر التطوري التصاقات الحبل الشوكي الضمور العضلي التأهيل لقبل ومابعد العمليات الجراحية الدكتــورة منـى المـطـر دكتوراة علاج طبيعي بالشلل الدماغي للأطفال / بريطانيا. الوحيده بدولة الكويت الحاصلة على هذه الشهادة برج مزايا الجديد في بنيد القار الدور ١٧ 00965-22275155/88 Whatsapp 99352730 Instagram/ @the_m_center #physicaltherapy #hydrotherapy #physiotherapy #paediatrics #kuwait #kuwaitcity #spinemed #cryotherapy #shockwave #cerebralpalsy #علاج_طبيعي #ديسك #العلاج_بالبروده #الكويت #كويت #قطر #السعوديه #الامارات #دبي

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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Service Industry Videos | The M Center Kuwait City

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Instagram Campaign promoting The M Center in Kuwait City

Andy Taylor narrates a series of Instagram videos promoting a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Kuwait City. The M Center is a state of the art clinic, led by pioneering pediatric neuro-rehabilitation specialist Dr. Mona AlMattar.

Script. Welcome to the M Center

Welcome to the M Center. A Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center located at the new Mazaya Medical Tower in the heart of Kuwait city. The M center is a holistic institution, providing a variety of physiotherapy services for your unique diagnosis. With expert care in a private and relaxing atmosphere.

Our physiotherapy team includes experienced and knowledgeable therapists who employ the most recent innovations in the field of physiotherapy. Led by Dr. Mona AlMattar, who holds a PhD in pediatric neuro-rehabilitation. And with three units for men, women and children – we provide individual treatment for patients of all ages.

Learn more about The M Center today.

Andy Taylor is a Voice for your Business and Brand

Service Industry Voice Over is a popular category of non-union narration. Similar to Corporate Voice Over, these videos depict how a business wants to be perceived by its clients. Therefore, the production defines the service’s identity by expressing core principles and business ideals.

Basically, what differentiates Service Industry from Corporate Voice Over is the type of business. Service Industry videos showcase businesses that provide a service to customers. For example: Restaurants, Financial Planners, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Recruitment Agencies, Physical Therapy Clinics, etc.

These videos are often seen on the front page of a service’s website or social media channel. Additionally, the videos commonly play as introductions during a business conference, familiarizing attendees with the business and the services it provides. Other examples include trade shows, client meetings, and sales presentations. These are all events and occasions where Service Industry Videos are effective tools.

Authentic, friendly and conversational

Service Industry voice over style varies from partner to partner, but a majority of the reads require a friendly, conversational delivery. Also, it’s important to ensure that the vocal performance doesn’t overshadow the video’s message. Above all, the read must accentuate the imagery, and clearly communicate the specific services that the business provides.

Recognized for his ability to connect with a script’s copy, Andy Taylor’s compassionate and approachable sound can help your next Service Industry video stand-out. That said, here is how a video producer recently responded to Andy’s video narration for Boston’s CIP Group:

Andy is AMAZING. I needed to have the project ASAP and Andy got it done in a few hours. I couldn’t be more appreciative. He was a pleasure to work with and his level of professionalism and like-ability are off the charts. The voice over itself nailed my expectations and I left thrilled. Don’t hesitate. Book Andy and feel confident that you are in the right hands.

Dr. Peter Percuoco, Video Producer for CIP Wealthcare

When working on a video for a Service Provider, be sure the voice over is friendly and fits the business’ identity. Above all, make sure you work with a reliable voice talent who understands your deadlines, and repeatedly delivers a quality performance as the business grows.

Reach out to Andy Taylor today.