Voice Actor Andy Taylor | IMDb: Written, Filmed and Directed by Joan Hathaway

Somerville Voice Actor Andy Taylor narrates this hilarious short

In late 2017, Andy Taylor connected with director Joan Hathaway – who was working on a mockumentary-style satire profiling the career of wildly successful American horn player in 1950’s America. Enchanted by the steady hilarity of the script and the overall story’s pure absurdity, Andy leapt at the chance to be a part of the project.

His narration connects the dots of a wild ride portrayed by actors Marshall and Kathy LeShay Berenson. The short film made the global round of film festivals, earning recognition from Best Shorts, Global Shorts, London-Worldwide Comedy Film Festival, and Art all Night Trenton.

Check out Barry The making of an American Icon above and take a journey with the renowned saxophonist turned whistle-blower.

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A Synopsis | Barry The Making of an American Icon

A found film reveals the rise and fall of a once successful horn player and toast of the town in the late 50s, Barry, and the bizarre accident that leaves him unable to play, and destitute. With the help of a proprietor with a heart of gold, Barry resurrects his career as a world class whistle player, playing on iconic hits from Donna Summer to Stevie Wonder and blowing his way back into America’s heart.

Joan Hathaway – Writer, Producer, Director

Thanks to Joan Hathaway for the partnership.

“I truly enjoyed working with you and super psyched you also got to experience the screening. Your VO was pitch perfect and it really brought the piece to life.”

Director Joan Hathaway