Voice Over. Nava™ by Thaicom

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Corporate and Industrial Image Video | Nava™ by Thaicom

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Nava™ by Thaicom Image Film

In 2018, voice artist Andy Taylor provided English voice over for leading Asian satellite communications provider Thaicom, based in Thailand. The industrial imaging video promotes Thaicom’s broadband satellite service for the Maritime Industry, addressing the significant growth of data-demand at sea.

Recorded in June of 2018, the 3-minute film was released in August of 2019.

Nava™ (Pronounced NAH-WAH) | High-speed broadband for ship and offshore operators

The Maritime Industry is going through drastic changes as a result of the explosive growth in data demand. Ship and offshore operators use data to connect crew and passengers, improve safety, and increase operational efficiency.

Introducing NAVA, Thaicom’s New Maritime Service Platform. Now you can connect everyone and everything at sea.

Welcome on board

Nava is a new high-speed broadband service for ship and offshore operators, available from Thaicom as a single, end-to-end communications solutions provider. Nava can support very high data rates up to fiber-to-the ship-like connectivity for all data needs, with reliability and network security.

We call it FTTS™. FTTS provides constantly high bandwidth for operational efficiency and helps crew and passengers connected. With Nava maritime service, our customers can meet the explosive growth in data demand at sea, and save costs.

With Nava, Thaicom also introduces 3 business solutions to connect everyone and everything at sea through high-speed Internet:

Nava™ Ship Manager offers With Nava maritime service, our customers can meet the explosive growth in data demand at sea, and save costs asset and engine monitoring.

Nava™ Media and Nava™ Connect keep crew and passengers in touch with their family and provide access to online entertainment, social media, and training on board.

Thaicom Nava enables the digital ship…and lets you optimize your ship communications and operations – headed for digital transformation at sea.

Thaicom is a trusted partner for satellite communications services. Our experience in providing end-to-end satellite services for the aviation and maritime industries help your business connect to the future and grow in the digital age.

NAVA by Thaicom.