Instructional Videos

These are instructional videos voiced for Calibrate Marketing. The ‘shorts’ are peppered throughout the advertising agency’s website, offering potential clients a video explanation of Calibrate’s concepts and services.

Based in Springfield, MO - Calibrate Marketing is a full-service advertising agency built around helping clients increase market share. Brian Ash crafts master advertising plans for local businesses based on the most effective and affordable methods for attracting new customers, focusing initially on online marketing areas outlined in this video...

Don't put to the cart before the horse...Calibrate Marketing recommends investing your advertising resources with a strong "Online Marketing Focus" before turning to traditional media...

With any local businesses, "Local Search Marketing" is extremely important, often overlooked and is much easier and more affordable than you think. With the human attention-span today, if a potential customer can't see you on the first page of a search, are they ever really going to find you?

Calibrate's next focus - helping more people find your website through optimization, then converting those online visitors to paying customers.

Once on-site optimization is nailed down, Calibrate Marketing then finds the most effective and affordable Off-Site SEO to help drive more traffic to the website.

Here's a tip: The power of Video Marketing is often vastly underrated both in terms of summarizing who you are and what you do as well as improving your organic local search marketing results.