Voice Over. Central Christian Church

Just before the 2012 US Open, I received a call from Las Vegas asking if I’d be interested in reading for a potential project. Much to my surprise, when I received the script, I learned that the read was for a church service!

Odd? Yes – but after visiting Central Christian Church‘s website, I began to realize just how cool an opportunity this was. The upcoming service’s guest of honor was NFL great Kurt Warner, and they were looking for an authentic “Stadium Announcer” sound to drive audience participation prior to his introduction.

I had a lot of fun voicing this one, and the production crew at Central Christian Church is top-notch, as you can see by the video. For me, it was truly humbling and exciting to watch the “Kurt Warner Service” live online, while working a middle-Sunday match at the US Open in New York.

Service Launch from the Audience Perspective: