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The Knowles IA611 Software Development Kit

The Knowles Intelligent Audio IA611 software development kit is an industry leading solution that accelerates time to market with its combined hardware, software and firmware package.

Featuring the worlds’ first smart microphone – the IA611 Smart Mic is a high performance Top Port MEMS microphone with an integrated DSP.

It’s ideal for ultra-low power, always-on devices for the mobile, ear, and iOT markets.

The on board Open DSP can be used by Algorithm developers to create unique and exciting voice UI experiences for devices such as Bluetooth headphones and speakers, wearables, mobile phones and voice controlled smart home solutions.

The Knowles IA611 SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools for developing DSP algorithms on the Smart Mic.

The hardware components of the SDK include the IA61x EVM Board, the IA611 Mic Board and the IA611 DSP Development Board.

The mic board is populated with an IA611 Smart Mic. The development board simulates the smart mic with a separate front-end ASIC and DSP Module connected to a high AOP MEMS microphone.

The EVM board features a PIC32 48 MHz microcontroller with headers provided to access the PIC32 with a debugger or programmer and through its UART debug port

The kit provides system designers with the means to connect an external host processor to the EVM.

The IA611 SDK provides the projects, source files and libraries needed for development in a Windows platform using native and Xtensa simulation environments.

System designers are provided the AuViD graphic design tool to assist in development and debugging.

To learn more about porting your DSP algorithms onto the IA611 Smart Mic, contact your Knowles representative.

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Thanks to Knowles for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Andy saved my bacon. Typical multiple script rewrites after ‘final’ version took me right up to my deadline. Andy’s responsiveness and nailing the sound I needed on the first take allowed me to come in a day early. Will definitely be using Andy for future projects.”]

– Ken Cawley. Knowles Intelligent Audio