Voice Over. BU Terriers Unleashed

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Short Film, Television, Documentary | BU Terriers Unleashed by Moody Street TV

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Voice Over: BU Terriers Unleashed

Somerville Voice Artist Andy Taylor narrates the 2019-20 season of “BU Terriers Unleashed.” The 30-minute show produced by Moody Street TV profiles Boston University athletics, and airs regularly on NESN.

BU Terriers Unleashed. Episode 204

Throughout the 2019-20 season, Moody Street TV takes viewers behind the scenes of Boston University’s athletic program, giving fans an inside glimpse at the life of its student athletes.

In this episode – Firstly, viewers travel to Sunny Southern California with the BU softball team. Also, Boston University reveals its first new head soccer coach in 35-years. Additionally, fans hear first-hand from the Patriot League Champion Men’s Basketball program. Finally, the show honors 2020’s seniors, who’s final season as student athletes was interrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

[vector_icon icon=”fab fa-youtube”] Episodes from 2019-20 season: Episode 1  | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4
[vector_icon icon=”fab fa-youtube”] Episodes from 2018-19 season: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4
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Thanks to Moody Street TV for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Andy, thanks for voice over work…Sounded great. Nice job.”]

– Steve Sera. Moody Street TV President & Executive Producer

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Narration for Network Programs, Promos and Sponsor Bumpers

As technology disrupts and transforms how viewers access shows, the role of voice over in television continues to expand. Traditionally, nonfiction programming like documentaries featured a popular host who spoke directly to viewers in frame. While the host narrated most of the program, the viewer still had an established idea of who was speaking. Meanwhile, for decades fictional sitcoms featured the same set of actors portraying known characters in weekly, relatable stories.

That said, with the 1980’s rise of cable networks and the subsequent need to design shows more affordably, faceless voice over spiked. As a result, nonfiction programming like news specials and documentaries often featured a single narrator, never seen on camera. Additionally, fictional sitcoms like The Wonder Years (inspired by narration-heavy movies like A Christmas Story and Stand By Me) used voice over as the driving narrative, as well.

What started as a cost-saving measure (voice-only roles don’t pay the scale of on-camera work), became an effective asset. Many producers and directors quickly understood the value of presenting content without a host’s intervention. Put another way – instead of hiring a “star” to deliver the narrative, the narrative was the “star.” No distractions. No viewer pre-judgement based on the talent hired.

Television Program Voice Over by Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor provides voice over for national and local network shows like Arthur Ashe Kids Day on ABC and BU Terriers Unleashed on NESN in New England. Additionally, he is the network bumper voice for ESPN’s coverage of World Team Tennis.

If you require American voice over for your upcoming television pilot, get in touch with Andy Taylor. Request a demo for your program and see if Andy’s sound fits your vision for the overall production.