Why do all modern appliances stink?!

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How amazing is this? – Technology has come so far…that today, after owning a new washing machine or new dishwasher for 8-months or longer, both now smell like someone broke into your house, opened up the device, took a dump inside – then hastily left the premises?

Seriously…15-years-ago – I don’t ever remember there even being aisles of products specifically designed to CLEAN the gear we use to clean our clothes and dishes. But I also don’t remember opening the top of a washer and collapsing in a heap on the laundry room floor – gagging at the putrid stench!

Is it the material?

Are we using only plastics and stainless steel manufactured in China?

Is it a conspiracy?

Will this rival the Chinese drywall scandal that sickened so many new home owners before the foreclosure boom after 2008?

And listen, I know all about the benefits of vinegar – use it regularly, instead of getting sucked into this boom of “cleaning-machine” cleaning products. But I just want to know what happened?

When you find yourself buying more distilled vinegar than your grandmother before her “End of Summer” Pickling Party in September…I think you have a right to know.