Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut…

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Sometimes – no matter how great the idea – it’s probably best to just keep your mouth shut.

For example…if you live in a rural community, you’re probably aware that one of the most expensive fluids in the world isn’t printer ink, champagne or perfume…it’s what I’ll refer to as “straws of a prized bull’s genetics.”

Yes – it is what you think it is. And while it’s not as expensive as the bull itself (Over $100,000 in some cases)…it’s the artificial insemination route to take to calve the prized-bull’s bloodline. Between the retrieval, shipping and insemination – on top of the cost of the…liquid – this is truly one of the most expensive, exclusive fluids on the planet today.

So why discuss such a matter for many who find the subject…so delicate? Well, I’m part of a committee for an annual fundraising “ranching-style” event, and the discussion turned toward true money-making items we should seek for the LIVE auction. It was a no brainer to me – and I just blurted it out: “You ever considered trying to acquire semen from a well-known prized bull? – I guarantee that’d sell big.”

<< Crickets >>

Okay – obviously, these people are coordinating the event, but don’t necessarily live the lifestyle…and now I probably look like one of the sickest human beings on the face of the planet. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to ask people to harvest it themselves – there are techniques for this used every day. There’s an entire industry based on it!

Not to mention – you put something like this up first on the live auction – that entire room will PAY ATTENTION. It sets the stage for the rest of the bidding! Everyone’s thinking – what in the world are they going to sell next?!

So listen – I know a lot of you are cattlemen and women – you know which bulls…genetics…will raise the most money for a great organization. Can you help a brother out? Put me in touch with that breeder. I can’t guarantee that the committee will go for it – but I just want to see if they’re willing to donate a straw for a great cause.