Don’t let “them” drive you apart…

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Okay…so can you figure it out? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? – You know you do!

Mine…could cut glass. In fact, I can just see the commercial – easily cutting an aluminum can in half, then moving on to delicately slice a ripe tomato.

Mine…grow like weeds. The kind you can’t keep up with, can’t pull and only BEND when you try and cut ‘em.

Mine…are threatening…to human flesh…vinyl liners…and especially cotton.

But mine are covert – hidden away…all the time. And though a PART of me, I rarely even notice them until it’s too late…until they’ve been set free…and meet the “unapproving” gaze of my wife.

They’re nasty, and relentlessly emerge – stronger, stouter, sharper, thicker than before – always ready to maim should unlucky leg spasms arrive in my sleep.

They are the silent killers of…tube socks; and my wife’s appetite.

Yet with the damage they do – physically and emotionally – do they own responsibility for their actions? For their sinister…ness?

No – that burden falls on me…they’re innocent host…and a heavy duty limb lopper.

What are THEY? You know what they are…we all do. They’re part of us – part of you, part of me. Don’t let ‘em drive you apart. Together – you can contain this evil.
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** A tribute…to toenails.