A tribute to those best known as “The Source”

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My brother-in-law just happens to be one of my favorite people…one of the smartest guys I know, too. And there-in lies the problem – the only time I call to talk to my brother-in-law…shamefully…is when I have questions or need something.

With him, I’m one of those guys…where he knows, when the phone rings – it’s not: “Hey, Andy’s calling – that’s nice of him.” It’s: “Oh great, the brother-in-law’s on the phone – wonder what he needs NOW.”

See, my brother-in-law’s a veterinarian…our doctor in the family, and with a stable of three dogs at the house – when a dog’s sick or acting funny, he’s a wealth of free knowledge and experience. I’m the thankless information seeker.

Now, don’t get me wrong – he’s always nice about it and beyond helpful, but it’s gotta be annoying. The call always goes like this: “Hey Andy. Hey Gene – how are you? Doing great…so – what’s going on…?” And whatever canine symptoms the dogs are experiencing come spewing out of my mouth…and we’re off and running. Any attempt at small talk after the diagnosis is just kind of awkward and uncomfortable – because I feel like such a heel.

I was about to say we all have relationships like this – some where we’re the seeker, and others where we’re the source. But after racking by brain – truth be told – I’m a college drop-out with zero significant or specialized intellect. I am a source for no one…which makes me feel so much better!

So…to those everyday heroes who we’ll just call “The Source,” for your experience, patience, understanding and tolerance – the rest of us say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Chances are, over the years – you’ve paid-off quite a few student loans and invested a ton of money for that education and experience – thank you for always letting us look over your shoulder and cheat on life’s exam.

Now – since you’re already a trusted resource, and we’ve established that I’m the freeloading letch…is there any chance I could get you spend a few years learning the ins-and-outs of chainsaw sharpening, RV-repair, general plumbing, and how to truly establish a comfortable, lifelong living through independent investment? I have minutes to burn on my phone, and I’m always curious. Your selflessness is inspiring!