Valentine’s Day – A Glance Back…

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Valentine’s Day – sure, it’s another commercial crap-fest designed to guilt men into boosting the bottom-line of florists, confectioners, Hallmark, stuffed animal and balloon manufacturers.

That’s fine – we’re used to this by now.

And don’t worry…I’m not the well-groomed naysayer demanding a collective eye-roll on the 14th, saying stuff like: “There shouldn’t be a specific date for passion proclamation. You shouldn’t NEED a reminder. Really EVERY day should be Valentine’s Day.”

Look, fellas…I think your intention’s right; but if that’s your platform – you’re opening up way too many opportunities for failure; 364 opportunities to be exact.

At the risk of sounding like a submissive puppy to the still idealistic ankle-biters, now claiming to enter the real-world, owning a WEALTH of life experience with relationships – just give in. Its one day where you can’t screw up. The rules of engagement are clear and laid out before you: Show-up, have flowers, spend time, enjoy a nice meal – you’ve done your job, she knows you’re “her Valentine,” and it could all pay off for you at the end of the night. Let’s be honest, in all of our relationships – the rules of engagement are NEVER this clear during the rest of the year.

Sure – you love to target Valentine’s Day and Christmas as commercial schlock – whatever. But what about birthdays and anniversaries – there’s commercial expectation there as well…gifts and congratulations you don’t think twice about gifting with expense. Sure – these dates are far more personally significant – but the point is, we’ve tagged those celebrations commercially as well. If you haven’t noticed – nearly EVERYTHING has been commercialized to date. Look, not everyone knows where to find Pennsylvania Avenue – but everyone can tell you how to get to Wall Street.

Did I buy flowers for my wife on Valentine’s Day? Yes. Did I get her a card? Yes. Did she receive her favorite perfume? Of course…only because she requested it; she helped me out! I’m not Super Man – she knows it – I’m just thankful there’s a day where it’s actually EASY to do a lot of stuff right, and not get on her nerves.

But it helps…NOT being married to a shallow, materialistic, overly-demanding, always-threatening narcissist. She never asks for much – this is one day where I know how to deliver.

But before you champion my words – there’s something you should know. Our annual Valentine’s Dinner…this is true…is always capped, covered and smothered at Waffle House. Don’t forget to bring a rose for the table…