Voice Over. 2017 CP National Horse Show

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Television Commercials | Produced by Equestrian Sports Network

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Andy Taylor | Sport Production Narration

A voice artist based in Boston, Andy Taylor narrates production for a vast array of content globally. From corporate and industrial videos, to short films and promotional projects for products and the service industry. Another aspect of this daily voice work is Sport Production, where Andy’s voice helps shape the stories of athletes and events – including Equestrian Voice Over.

Equestrian Voice Over | Andy Taylor

In 2016, Kathy Meyer invited Andy Taylor to narrate EQ Sports Net’s 30-second television commercial promoting the United States Hunter Jumper Association. Since then, Andy has voiced dozens of equestrian projects, including:

The sport of equestrian requires a tremendous amount of narration due to its complexity and scope. For example, from judging competition to rider technique, training videos are essential for educating riders, judges and fans. Additionally, promotional and fan engagement content is necessary to grow the sport. Finally, Andy voices annual Award Ceremony video for special galas honoring riders, horses and their owners.

What is The United States Hunter Jumper Association?

Firstly, the USHJA is the United States national equestrian organization for hunters and jumpers. USHJA is also the United States Equestrian Federation recognized FEI discipline affiliate for show jumping, and the USEF recognized national affiliate for hunters.

An 18-year Broadcast Veteran, skilled at Commercial Television Voice Over

A top-rated morning show host for 10-years at KTTS, Andy Taylor is a graduate of the traditional marketing spectrum. Over the years, he voiced thousands of radio and television commercials for local, national and international broadcast products.

When hiring voice talent for television commercials, remember that the voice must match the target demographic of the ad’s audience. But just as importantly, due to the design of commercial stop-sets, the advertising purchase must focus on frequency for the ad to have impact.

Put another way, television commercials are effective top-of-mind awareness tools. However, to be effective, the advertising schedule…

  1. Must ensure the spot airs often throughout the day.
  2. Should only air the commercial on television programs that appeal to the ad’s target demographic.

Think of it like this: If a cosmetic company wants to advertise its brand…

  1. It is imperative to make sure the ad is viewed often, to reach as many viewers as possible.
  2. But airing the commercial during a baseball game is ill-advised, because most women the ad targets won’t choose to watch sports.

In conclusion, when producing a television commercial, professionalism and experience are important. Solid writing, video production and voice over are key, as well. Discuss your project with Andy Taylor, and receive experienced support from a broadcast professional who will help navigate your television commercial production.