Voice Over. S&H Farm Supply

As a voice actor, I often find myself working with clients and production companies all across the country, and in some cases…on the other side of the globe. That’s why, after years of being entrenched in the community through morning radio, local partnerships have become so valuable to me in the voice-over industry.

Over the Fall, I was lucky enough to work with S&H Farm Supply, based out of Lockwood, MO, on the their “Fall Clearance Sale” television campaign. The spot was voiced in my studio and produced by KOLR-10 television in Springfield. My thanks to Shari Beckley for  not completely losing it upon hearing my first attempts at pronouncing Edenpure and Kioti – hey, at least I nailed Stihl! And thanks for listening to the show for so many years – I hope we get a chance to work together again.

Thanks also to Jeff Wilhite and Kerri Glensky of KOLR for producing the commercial and getting it on the air. Here’s the spot: