Simon Rösner def Diego Elias

Andy Taylor Announcer 2018 Qatar Classic Semifinal Victory Simon Rösner
Announcer Andy Taylor | The Voice of the Qatar Classic | Photo: Steve Cubbins
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[4] Simon Rösner -05- (GER) def [8] Diego Elias -13- (PER)

[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check-circle”] Semifinal Score: 11-6, 11-3, 11-3 (31m)

Match recap from Squash Announcer Andy Taylor, Voice of the Qatar Classic.

Tonight, Diego Elias contested his first career Platinum Semifinal, just 24-hours after winning the biggest match of his career over World #1 Mohamed Elshorbagy. But the moment was simply too overwhelming after such a momentous victory the night before.

It’s a familiar scenario for the German Tree Chopper. Last year, Simon Rösner earned two of the biggest wins of his career over defending champion Karim Abdel Gawad, then Marwan Elshorbagy – only to get trounced by Tarek Momen in his first career Platinum Semifinal.

This year, it was Simon’s turn to deliver the thumping.

With the victory, Rösner advances to his 3rd PSA Platinum championship match since January, when he won his first Platinum title at the Tournament of Champions. Tomorrow will mark his second consecutive Platinum Final, after reaching the championship match at the US Open just 19-days-ago.

What a tremendous run he’s had since last year’s breakthrough performance here in Doha…

Annoucer Corner | Simon Rösner has yet to lose a single game to Diego Elias

These two met just once before, in the 1st-Round of the 2016 World Championship. Simon Rösner won that match in 3-games.

► Nov 2016 – World Championship (R1) – Simon Rösner | Score: 11-9, 11-2, 11-8 (33m)

Each player’s announcer introduction for tonight’s Semifinal match…

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[4] Simon Rösner -05- (GER)

Back in the Doha Semifinals for the 2nd-straight year, this 11-time German Nationals Champion and World Games Gold Medalist has been on fire since last year’s Qatar Classic. Last year’s Semifinal run was his first at the Platinum level, and it was a breakthrough performance. Two months later, he captured his first Platinum title at the Tournament of Champions. By June, he climbed to a career-high ranking of World #5. And at the PSA World Tour Finals, he reached the Final-4 for the second year in a row.

He carried that confidence into the new season, where last month, he reached his second Platinum Final at the US Open, defeating World #6 Miguel Angel Rodriguez and World #2 Ali Farag to reach the championship match. From Germany, please welcome the #5 Player in the World – The German Tree Chopper – Simon Rösner.

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▲ R1 — Bye

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Announcer Corner | Simon Rösner’s Best Platinum runs to date:

[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Nov 18 (F) – Qatar Classic
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Oct 18 (F) – US Open
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Jun 18 (SF) – PSA World Tour Finals
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Jan 18 (W) – Tournament of Champions
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Oct 17 (SF) – Qatar Classic
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Jun 17 (SF) – PSA World Tour Finals

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[8] Diego Elias -13- (PER)

Yesterday, this 21-year-old won the biggest match of his career, upsetting World #1 and defending champion Mohamed ElShorbagy. Tonight, he competes in his first-ever Platinum Semifinal. Ranked as high as World #10, he owns 4 PSA Tour titles, is an 8-time Finalist on Tour, and last week – reached the Semifinals of the St. George’s Hill Classic for the 2nd straight year.

Over the Summer, he started the new season by going undefeated at the “Pan American” and “Pam American Team” Championships, winning 9 consecutive matches in the Cayman Islands to capture individual Gold. Through to the Semifinals in just his 3rd Qatar Classic Squash Championship – From Peru, please welcome the #13 Player in the World – The Peruvian Puma – Diego Elias.

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▲ R2 — def Raphael Kandra -19- (GER) | Score: 10-12, 11-4, 11-3, 11-5 (42m) | RECAP
▲ R1 — Bye

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Announcer Corner | Diego Ellias’ Best Platinum runs to date:

[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Nov 18 (SF) – Qatar Classic
** Injured after the 2017 Qatar Classic, Diego is finally back in top-form
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Nov 17 (QF) – Qatar Classic
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Oct 17 (QF) – US Open
[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check”] Apr 17 (QF) – El Gouna International