Voice Over. ZHIYUN Smooth X2 Gimbal

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Product Videos | Created by SlemmerFilms Studio

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Voice Over promoting the ZHIYUN Smooth X2 | Shine In Every Way

Andy Taylor narrates the above product explainer video for SlemmerFilms Studio in Hungary, demonstrating the features of the Smooth X2 gimbal from ZHIYUN.

Shooting has never been easier, by yourself or with friends. The versatile Smooth X2 makes content creation easy. Lightweight. Rugged. Lighting filters and brightness options. Dolly zoom. Gesture control. Follow features. And that barely touches the surface. Click on the video above to learn more.

Hungarian filmmaker Ádám Slemmer of SlemmerFilms Studio shot, directed and produced the product’s promotional video. Check out his website, YouTube Channel and Facebook Page for more examples of his dynamic work.

Andy is very professional, fast, great at communication! Highly recommended to everyone! Thank you!!!

Slemmer Ádám. Owner, SlemmerFilms Studio

Video voice over for companies and manufacturers marketing innovative new products.

When introducing a new product, targeted marketing is essential. Today, there are millions of ways to “get the word out.” However, before spreading the news, companies and manufacturers need to design a clear message to entice potential consumers and create interest.

In order to achieve this end, the product’s introduction must answer several important questions:

  • WHAT is the product?
  • WHY do buyers need it? Additionally, why should they want it?
  • HOW does it work? How does it improve the consumer’s life?
  • WHERE can customers learn more and purchase the product?

Video is the most effective tool in answering those questions – by carefully crafting the product’s message through both imagery and concise narration. When potential buyers can see the product in action, they develop an immediate understanding of the product’s usefulness. That understanding is much harder to achieve by simply posting images and text on a product website.

The Tip of the Spear: A Product Video

Once produced, weaponize the product video by sharing it across all potential marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Feature it on the front page of the product website. Additionally, share the video on all available social media channels. Also, if traditional marketing like radio and television is an option, produce a 30-second version of the video that answers the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHERE.

Product Voice Over: Endless Styles of Reads

Product voice over varies from partner to partner. The style of read also changes based on where a particular video will air. Most importantly, brands and manufacturers need to ensure that the voice fits the image of the product and the demographic of the product’s target consumer. Otherwise, the message will be lost on the viewer.

For example, if you’re marketing an innovative new skateboard, it’s best to use a younger sounding narrator who’s voice reflects those interested in buying the product. That same voice may not be the best option when producing a video for a retirement-planning Financial Services provider.

Depending on the script, different video producers have identified Andy Taylor’s voice as young-30’s to mid-50’s, with range and versatility. If you’re working on a video for a product that falls in that demographic, contact Andy for a Demo specific to your project.

What Andy Taylor’s Product Voice Over Partners are saying:

All I can say is wow – this is most awesome! Also, thank you very much for breaking the speed limit on this one…world-class service.

Tobias Wagner. Proline MEDIA and Heligraphix. Zarges K411

Andy is a very professional person, very fast and flexible. He is highly recommended from our side.

Fabio Farah. Promenti Professional Minds Studio. Daikin Inverter Air Conditioner

Very professional in all areas. Great communication and responsiveness.

System Three. SA-2100 Sealant and Adhesive

Additional Product Voice Over from Andy Taylor

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