Voice Over. System Three: SA-2100 Adhesive Sealant

PRODUCER: System Three Resins

VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

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SA-2100. Adhesive and Sealant

Adhesive Use: SA-2100 readily bonds to some surfaces with little preparation, while in other cases the surface must be properly prepared. Regardless, all surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil or grease. SA-2100 bonds to all woods, stainless steel, mild steel, polycarbonate and plastic laminate countertops, epoxy and polyester resins with no special surface preparation beyond the above. [MORE]

Sealant Use: As a sealant the purpose of SA-2100 is to keep water from passing between two attached surfaces. Simple bonding as described above accomplishes this with the caveat that it may be impossible to get the two materials apart because of the tenacity of the bond. Two things are important here: First, the SA-2100 must be thick enough so that the fasteners may be tightened to affect a seal if leaking occurs in the future. Second, a suitable “mold release” must be used so that SA-2100 does not stick where it is not wanted. [MORE]

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Very professional in all areas. Great communication and responsiveness.

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