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Voice Over Andy Taylor. Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast
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Voice Over: Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast

Andy Taylor provides imaging voice over for the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast, hosted weekly by Canadian investor/realtors Rob Break and Sandy MacKay. The tandem debuted Andy’s introduction during the podcast’s 101st episode on 3 December 2019.

Hosted through its website, the podcast is also available on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, or your preferred podcast provider.

Andy’s VO was exactly what I was looking for. He is also very responsive and professional. I highly recommend his service!

Rob Break | Host, Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast

Branding and Imaging Announcer for Programming and Podcasts

A voice over artist based in Boston, Andy Taylor narrates video production for a vast array of content globally. From corporate and industrial videos, to short films and promotional projects for products and also the service industry.

Another aspect of this daily voice work is “Imaging,” where Andy’s voice helps shape the identity of a broadcast product or podcast.

One of the greatest examples of Imaging Voice Over is heard on CNN, the American cable news network. For the past three decades, when programming returns from a commercial break, viewers hear actor James Earl Jones say: “This is CNN.” Thanks to his deep baritone, the maestro’s commanding voice over sets the tone for the serious news that follows. As a result, CNN achieves it’s goal – shaping viewer perception that the network is a reliable and trusted source of information.

Put another way, imaging voice work plays to the human subconscious.

The reality is, anyone could utter the three words “This is CNN” and effectively guide the network back from commercial breaks. However, imagine if instead of James Earl Jones, CNN hired comedian Gilbert Gottfried for the announcement. Gilbert’s irreverent and nasal sound creates an entirely different image and identity for the network. One that doesn’t reflect assurance and trust.

Imaging Announcer Andy Taylor | Sound and delivery matching your brand identity

When hiring voice talent for imaging work, artists must be capable of delivering the attitude, style and delivery of a station, network or podcast’s format and content. Additionally, the voice should have a sound that reflects the character, mentality, values and mindset of the target audience. Furthermore, imaging voice over becomes a brand’s pulse. So, choose wisely.

As the long-time Voice of the US Open in New York, Andy has provided imaging for the BBC’s coverage of the tennis season’s final Grand Slam. Additionally, as a radio morning show host at KTTS, Andy regularly provided imaging for the station.

Sports Radio Imaging – BBC Radio 5 Live

Radio imaging – Voiceover and Audio Production for KTTS-FM