2015 US Open – Voice Over for BBC Radio

I can always tell when it’s the Sunday prior to tennis’ final Grand Slam. That’s when the requests pour in for wild lines from broadcasters making their final preparations for two weeks of tennis coverage. Just two doors down, high atop Arthur Ashe Stadium, the crew from the BBC is typically first in line.

BBC Radio’s tennis coverage is top-shelf. I’ve sat-in and listened to their broadcasts both here in New York and Indian Wells. David Law is a verbal artist, poetically painting a detailed canvas of action and atmosphere through words, reaction and thought-provoking questions aimed at both analyst and listener. Russell Fuller is equally as engaging on court and in the booth. Philip Studd, Sara Orchard, Leon Smith, Colin Fleming – they are a remarkable roundtable of talent and expertise. It’s honestly a privilege to play a very small role in their US Open broadcasts.

This year, producer Steve Jones asked if I would shoot video of the reads for a quick post on the @bbctennis twitter stream. Sure. Why the hell not?

I don’t know why anyone would sit and watch some twisted VO-guy bark through five minutes of content, but here it is – scars, scabs, warts and all. Additionally, there’s behind the scenes footage highlighting a “BBC 5 Live Sports Extra” promo that I voiced. Thanks as always to the BBC for including me in their Flushing fortnight…