Voice Over. World Lethwei Championship 9 / King of Nine Limbs

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Sport Production | World Lethwei Championship

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The Voice of World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar

Since June of 2017, Andy Taylor’s voice has been part of World Lethwei Championship productions in Yangon, Naypyitaw, Hpa-An, and Mandalay, Myanmar. He provides voice over for WLC’s television and online promos prior to the events. Additionally, it is Andy’s voice narrating the Opening Ceremonies and introducing each fighter prior to the bouts.

Results | World Lethwei Championship 9: King of Nine Limbs

[vector_icon icon=”fas-fa trophy”] Dave Leduc (CAN) def Seth Baczynski (USA) | Round-2 Knockout | Cruiserweight Champion

[vector_icon icon=”fas-fa trophy”] Sasha Moisa (UKR) def Artur Saladiak (POL) | Unanimous Decision | Light Middleweight Champion

Souris Manfredi (FRA) def Eh Yanut (KHM) | Unanimous decision

Nhuyen Tran Duy Nhat (VNM) def Izat Zaki (MYS) | Unanimous decision

Hein Tun Aung (MMR) def Linn Htet Aung (MMR) | Unanimous Decision

Aung Paing (MMR) def Paing Thet Aung (MMR) | Unanimous decision

Saw Lin Lin (MMR) def Saw El Kaluu | Split Decision

The Five Basic Rules of Lethwei

Lethwei is often referred to as “The Art of Nine Limbs.” Punches, kicks, elbows, knees and headbutts are all allowed. It is raw, no-holds-barred, authentic human combat.

Rule 1. Knockdowns are considered when a fighter falls to the floor after a strike.

Rule 2. Referee will count to 10 for knockouts. Referee will immediately restart the fight if he does not judge a fall as a knockdown. If the fighter is unsteady while standing, the referee has the discretion to regard that as a knockdown.

Rule 3. If there are 3 knockdowns in a round, the referee will rule the fight as finished via “count limit.”

Rule 4. If there are 4 knockdowns in a fight, the referee will rule the fight as finished via “count limit.”

Rule 5. According to the ringside doctor decision, mandatory 21 days suspension from all competitions if fighter is knocked out.