Andy Taylor Announcer. 2019 Qatar PSA Mens World Championship. Awaiting IntroductionsSince 1992, the State of Qatar has hosted the PSA World Tour’s elite talent at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex. 2019 marked the 5th time Doha has hosted the PSA Men’s World Championship.

After reaching the Final of last year’s World Championship in Chicago, Epypt’s Tarek Momen vowed to do whatever it took to give himself another shot at the title. Mission accomplished. With 6 breathless victories, Momen became only the 18th man to capture the PSA World Championship, lifting the coveted trophy on one of his favorite glass courts on Tour.

He also made history. Tarek Momen and Reneem El Welily are the first married couple to both capture a World Championship title in the same sport. Remarkable accomplishment by two genuine role models, beyond the game.

Finalist Paul Coll’s road to the championship match was brutal, yet he endured – becoming the first man from New Zealand to reach the World Championship Final in 33-years. Ross Norman last achieved the feat in 1986, when he accomplished the impossible: Upsetting Jahangir Khan, snapping the Pakistani great’s ridiculous 555-match win-streak. Make no mistake. Ross Norman will not be the only Kiwi to lift this trophy. “Superman” continues to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

A special thanks to the Qatar Squash Federation, the PSA World Tour, and every single fan and athlete for a top-shelf week of World Championship Squash in Doha. My gratitude as well to Steve Cubbins and Nathan Clarke for their eye-popping photography, and to Fram Gommendy for her gentle guidance and expertise. Follow Steve and Fram year-round at SquashSite. Additionally, thanks to Frank Keller and Samir Saad for their tireless work filming and producing the UCOM highlight video featured below.

2019 Qatar PSA Mens World Championship. Thanks to Every Athlete
PSA World Championship. Past Champions and Records
Doha's Past Champions and Records - Qatar Classic, International and World Championship

2019 Qatar PSA Men's World Championship. Quarterfinals

2019 Qatar PSA Men's World Championship. Round of 16

2019 Qatar PSA Men's World Championship. Round-2

2019 Qatar PSA Men's World Championship. Glass Court Round-1

These tremendous athletes are some of the most thoughtful, modest and articulate characters in sport. Their passion to compete, respect for the game's heritage, and open embrace of new and insightful technology is both inspiring and infectious. The future of squash is now, and the game's expanding fanbase is a testimony to the talent, selflessness and humanity of today's professional players. It is truly a humbling honor to be back in Doha for the World Championships to share a few moments of individual achievement with these visionary athletes.
Andy Taylor