Zahed Salem def Mostafa Asal

Andy Taylor Announcer. 2019 PSA Mens World Championship. Round 2. Zahed Salem
Announcer Andy Taylor | Voice of the 2019 PSA Mens World Championship | Photo: Nathan Clark
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[14] Zahed Salem -16- (EGY) def Mostafa Asal -23- (EGY)

[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check-circle”] Round-2 Score: 11-8, 6-11, 11-2, 11-7 (58m)

Match recap from Squash Announcer Andy Taylor, Voice of the 2019 PSA Mens World Championship.

Experience over youth today on the glass court.

World #23 Mostafa Asal will be a top-10 player – sooner rather than later. Still a Junior and still wearing the “welder’s mask” – as Joey Barrington likes to call it – Mostafa is only 18-years-old. The kid just took-out Diego Elias at the Egyptian Open, illuminating his unquestionable future success. With foreboding size, a sturdy frame, and an arsenal of weapons – he is the next generation of Egyptian squash.

Meanwhile, Zahed Salem continues to quietly excel. He knew Mostafa would test his top-15 status, but channelled that anxiety into an efficient and focused victory.

Announcer Corner | Player Introductions

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[14] Zahed Salem -16- (EGY)

The 14-seed at this year’s PSA World Championship – 5-years-ago, he won his first career World Championship match right here in Doha, defeating Ben Coleman to reach the 2nd-Round. Overall, he owns 5 PSA titles and is an 18-time Finalist on Tour…reaching 3 of those Finals last season alone. He also made career-best runs at the Majors last season, playing through to the Round of 16 in 4 of the PSA World Tour’s 7 Platinums – and by season’s end, climbed to a career-high ranking of World #14. This year, he’s at it again. In Nantes, he earned his first win over James Willstrop, and at the US Open, he defeated Marwan Elshorbagy for the first time to earn a spot in the Final 16 of the US Open. Competing in his 7th PSA World Championship – from Egypt, he is Zahed Salem.

► Salem started last season as the World #31. Ended his 2018-19 campaign as the World #14.
► This season, he’s 4-3 – Semifinalist in Nantes. Round of 16 at the US Open. After a 1st-Round Bye, fell in Round-2 of the Egyptian Open in Giza. Won his 1st Round World Championship match over Tsz Fung Yip.

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Mostafa Asal -23- (EGY)

At just 18-years-old, he is the reigning and 2-time World Junior Champion. Last season, he made his PSA World Championship debut in Chicago, defeating Peter Creed to earn his first career-clash with a World #1 – facing eventual champion Ali Farag in the 2nd-Round. In under two-years, he’s won 4 PSA titles in 5 Tour-level Finals, and has delivered HUGE WINS at the Majors. Just 2-weeks ago, at the Egyptian Open in front of the Pyramids of Giza – he upset World #7 Diego Elias to reach the 3rd-Round of a PSA Platinum event for the second time. And since joining the PSA World Tour full-time in 2018, has climbed from outside the PSA’s top-500 to World #23. That’s insane. Competing in his 2nd PSA World Championship, and making his glass court Doha debut – From Egypt, he is the future of Egyptian Squash. This…is Mostafa Asal.

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