Mohamed ElShorbagy def Saurav Ghosal

Andy Taylor Announcer. 2019 PSA Mens World Championship. Round 3. Mohamed Elshorbagy
Announcer Andy Taylor | Voice of the 2019 PSA Mens World Championship | Photo: Nathan Clarke
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[1] Mohamed ElShorbagy -02- (EGY) def [10] Saurav Ghosal -11- (IND)

[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-check-circle”] Round-of-16 Score: 11-6, 11-8, 14-12 (50m)

Match recap from Squash Announcer Andy Taylor, Voice of the 2019 PSA Mens World Championship.

Tomorrow, Mohamed Elshorbagy will face his brother Marwan for the 18th-time on the PSA World Tour. The last time they met in the PSA World Championship, Mohamed captured the sport’s most prestigious title for the first time. That was 2-years-ago in Manchester. This is Doha, where both have deep-rooted memories of success.

When Mohamed won his 3rd Qatar Classic title 2-years-ago, he broke one of Jansher Khan’s long-standing records – surpassing the Pakistani legend by competing in his 6th consecutive championship match in Doha. Meanwhile, 7-years-ago Marwan earned his second World Junior Championship title on this court, and lifted Egypt to the Team title. Hopefully tomorrow’s Quarterfinal will live up to the hype, as two brothers – with two distinctively different games – showcase the sport of squash at the highest level.

3-games, but not an easy victory for Elshorbagy

India’s top-talent Saurav Ghosal challenged the 2017 World Champion. Though only 3-games, the match featured punishing rallies. Both forced each other to work. Saurav had chances in the 3rd, but Mohamed saved 3 game-balls to win it in a tiebreak.

That game-3 comeback will only fuel the confidence required to mentally contain the self-imposed lofty expectations Mohamed is shouldering at this year’s World Championship. You see, with Ali Farag’s unfortunate absence, Mohamed openly admits he will accept nothing less from himself than the title. “Pressure is a privilege.”

Ghosal hasn’t won a game off of Mohamed in over four years. However, by earning more opportunities to face the Beast of Alexandria, it’s clear that Ghosal’s game is trending in the right direction. Success bears the game’s toughest challenges.

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► Dec 2015 | Elshorbagy def Ghosal | R2 Hong Kong Open – Score: w/o
► Mar 2015 | Elshorbagy def Ghosal | R2 Windy City Open – Score: 11-5, 4-11, 1-11, 11-5, 11-7 (61m)
► Mar 2014 | Elshorbagy def Ghosal | QF Windy City Open – Score: 11-6, 13-11, 11-7 (52m)
► Apr 2010 | Elshorbagy def Ghosal | SF Indian Challenger No7 – Score: 5-11, 11-9, 11-3, 14-12 (58m)
► Mar 2008 | Elshorbagy def Ghosal | QL Canary Wharf Classic – Score: 7-11, 11-7, 11-8, 14-12 (53m)
► Feb 2008 | Ghosal def Elshorbagy | R1 Kolkata International – Score: 10-12, 11-6, 12-10, 11-7 (55m)
► Jun 2007 | Ghosal def Elshorbagy | SF Chennai Open – Score: 11-9, 12-10, 12-10 (31m)

Announcer Corner | Player Introductions

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[1] Mohamed ElShorbagy -02- (EGY)

Very few in the history of the PSA World Tour have been as dominant as “The Beast of Alexandria.” Now a 3-time World Championship Finalist, in 2017 he captured the sport’s biggest title for the first time – defeating Ramy Ashour, Nick Matthew, Gregory Gaultier, then younger-brother Marwan in the championship match. And no other active player owns more PSA Platinum titles — He is an 18-time Platinum champion, owns 39 PSA titles in all, and has held the World #1 ranking for 3-years and 4-months combined. 12-years-ago, he made his Doha debut at just 16-years-old. Since then, he’s captured 3 Qatar Classic titles on this court, appeared in his first two World Championship Finals, and in 2017 – broke Jansher Khan’s long-standing record by appearing in his 6th consecutive Doha Final. Competing in his 12th PSA World Championship, from Egypt – He is the Beast of Alexandria, Mohamed Elshorbagy.

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[10] Saurav Ghosal -11- (IND)

Back in Doha for his 14th PSA World Championship – this week, India’s top-talent is competing in his 200th career event on Tour. Last season, he was a force at the Majors – reaching the Final-16 in 5 of the game’s 7 Platinums, including a run to the Quarterfinals at the Black Ball Open. He reached the Final-8 at the World Championship in Chicago, captured his 9th PSA title at the Kolkata International, and finished the season ranked inside the top-10 for the first time. 13-years-ago – right here on this court – as a skinny 20-year-old kid from West Bengal – he became India’s first squash player ever to medal at the Asian Games. 7-years-later in Manchester, he became the first from his country to reach the Quarterfinals of the PSA World Championship. From Kolkata – He is the World #11, Saurav Ghosal.

► This was Ghosal’s 7th appearance in the World Championship’s Round of 16.

► Saurav Ghosal is an Indian record breaker:

  • 2006: In Doha, became the 1st squash player from India ever to medal at the Asian Games (Bronze)
  • 2013: In the UK, became the 1st player from India ever to reach the QF of the PSA World Championship
  • 2014: India’s 1st Asian Games Team Championship Gold Medal. Defeated World #7 Ong Beng Hee of Malaysia in the championship round

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