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Andy Taylor Voice Over. Tutti Delivery
Voice Over Andy Taylor | Business Phone System Narration | Tutti Online Food Community

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Telephony Voice Over for Tutti Delivery

In 2020, Andy Taylor recorded voice over for Tutti’s answering and phone messaging system. To hear the narration, take a listen to the recording above or call 1.888.399.6668.

Andy was supper collaborative and helped us with his revisions.

Tutti – Your Online Food Community

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) narration for corporations and small business.

Much to the dismay of many consumers, most businesses today rely on an automated phone systems. However, these voice recordings streamline the customer service experience.

For example, when banking customers call to check accounts, they easily follow voice prompts to receive their balance. Meanwhile, customers who require more attention quickly reach the correct department by choosing different selections from the same voice commands. The first caller receives his or her information without delaying the next customer who requires a representative.

In the end, it is a process that eliminates wasted time, allows companies to rapidly accommodate more customers, and ultimately saves the business money.

A narration service known by many names

So who narrates those automated systems? Quite often, employees will record the prompts directly from their desk phone. Though some companies choose to hire VO actors to meet the need.

In the voice industry, this lane of narration has many different labels:

  • IVR: Interactive Voice Response
  • Telephony
  • Voice Prompts
  • Phone System Narration

Choosing the right IVR voice

This is an important decision for companies. Businesses need to select a talent who sounds like the demographic of the target customer. Think of it this way: Imagine if a women’s lingerie company hired a male talent who sounded like he was in his late 70’s. Or even worse, sounded like a teenager. Not only will this make some customers feel uncomfortable, some may feel like they dialed the wrong number.

The voice needs to match the brand/business identity. A women’s apparel company is best served by hiring a female talent who’s sound reflects the target age of the brand’s consumer.

Andy Taylor | IVR Voice Actor for Corporations and Small Business

Phone system voice over style varies from partner to partner. However, a majority of the reads require a confidence that can conversationally guide callers through the system’s prompts. Additionally, the sound should compassionately convey brand messaging during longer holds.

For Andy’s IVR customers, it’s more than his sound that maintains long-standing relationships. His work ethic, quick turn-around and commitment to customer service are characteristics partners appreciate most. As a result, many of Andy’s IVR Voice Over clients also use his narration for corporate, industrial, product and service industry videos – establishing consistency in brand content.

Working with Andy was great! Super fast turn around. We plan to use him for several other large VO projects.

Tranztec Solutions

When hiring talent for phone system IVR, first be sure the sound fits the business or brand identity. Secondly, make sure to work with a reliable talent who understands and respects deadlines. And finally, find a talent who can repeatedly deliver a quality product as the business’ messaging expands and grows.

If his sound fits your target demographic, reach out to Andy Taylor today.

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