Voice Over. Sergio Cortes Trailer

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Michael Jackson Impersonator: Sergio Cortes

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Voice Over for Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

In 2018, voice actor Andy Taylor provided voice over for several videos promoting Michael Jackson tribute artist, Sergio Cortes. Sergio has lived a remarkable journey, honoring the life and legacy of the King of Pop.

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Sergio Cortes: A chance career in tribute to Michael Jackson

Experience his show just once, and you’ll undoubtedly agree: Sergio Cortes is the most authentic Michael Jackson tribute artist alive.

His embodiment of the gloved one’s spirit and talent began in 1987, thanks to a chance encounter with a journalist who was struck by Sergio’s resemblance to the King of Pop. The reporter asked if Sergio would agree to a photo shoot, so he could reveal to readers that he’d discovered Michael Jackson’s doppelgänger. Fresh out of high school, Sergio thought it sounded like a fun idea.

Little did he know, that single photo shoot would define his destiny.

Two weeks later, after seeing his photos in the magazine, a Swiss perfume marketing team reached out to Sergio and asked if he’d consider being Michael’s “model double” for their upcoming advertising campaign. From that moment on, Sergio’s career was firmly intertwined with the life of Michael Jackson.

Sergio meets his hero

In May of 1994, when Michael married Lisa Marie Presley in the Dominican Republic, Michael’s management team hired Sergio to trick the media into thinking the real King of Pop was in Marbella, Spain. He even performed as Michael Jackson to convince fans and the press that it wasn’t a hoax – though in fact, it was.

In 1997, Sergio was again hired as Michael’s double to make appearances in hotel windows. It was during this time, Sergio finally met the legend himself.

In Sergio’s words: “Tanto esperé ese momento a lo largo de mi vida, que al vivirlo me quedé estupefacto. No reaccioné. Él sí fue muy gentil en el trato. Muy atento.”

I waited for that moment my entire life. So much so, that when I lived it, I was stupefied. I couldn’t react. He was very kind in the deal. Very helpful.

Sergio Cortes

Over the years, Sergio has spent his life respectfully honoring the life and legacy of his hero, performing globally in tribute to one of the greatest entertainers ever to grace the stage.

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Thanks to producer Gunther Kutsch and Team Sergio for the partnership

You have left me dumbfounded. This is by far better than what I ever expected. I’m very grateful to you. Many many thanks. And when touring the States you will be on our list for sure.

Gunther Kutsch, Producer, Team Sergio