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I won’t say that raw, local honey will cure all of your ails…but for many, it is the ultimate “go-to” during allergy season.

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New radio commercial for Honey Heaven, targeting seasonal allergy sufferers interested in raw and local honey products

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With our fast-paced existence today – not to mention the billions spent annually on marketing – we’ve all been led to believe that we need the instant gratification of symptom-relieving, manufactured pharmaceuticals in our lives. While they have their place, most of us forget that the pills and drugs aren’t actually treating the problem or condition, they’re simply relieving the “symptoms” of those problems or conditions.

Honey Heaven – 2516 South Campbell in Springfield, MO

From head to toe and everything in between, there’s a drug that will relieve your symptoms: Heart disease. Obesity. Athlete’s Foot. Erectile Dysfunction. Simply run through the catalog of television ads you endure while watching a single college basketball game…it’s insane; yet deep down, most of us understand the reality:

  • The pharmaceutical’s value is in relieving the symptom.
  • Healing occurs when we consciously make the right decisions and put in the effort.

Overweight? Pills may speed up your metabolism and lead to some dramatic weigh-loss, but until you start eating healthier and moving more, you can count-on seeing those pounds return.

Got the flu? Pain-killers and expectorants alleviate the body aches, fevers and respiratory issues. Time, rest, proper-nutrition and hydration eliminate the virus.

Seasonal Allergies? You can swallow, slather, or even shoot antihistamines into your butt cheek…but again, they’re only treating the symptoms of the body’s allergen immune response. The only “cure” for seasonal allergies is to relocate each Spring; somewhere far-away from the pollen producing plant-life that kicks your immune system into misery-inducing hyper-drive. Or is it?

There are many allergy sufferers who are convinced that by ingesting small amounts of raw, local honey over the years, they’ve actually reduced their immune system’s allergic reaction to those pollens. While they still use antihistamines to treat symptoms during the height of season, because they’ve gradually acclimated their body to the area’s pollens by ingesting honey produced by local bees, their body’s allergic immune response has decreased in severity.

The FDA has never backed up these claims. In fact, Web MD insists it’s a myth. Whatever. I’m not going to have that debate with someone beyond-confident that it has worked for them.

Here is an article from howstuffworks.com that explains the “immunotherapy” theory of using local honey to treat seasonal allergies. All in all, common sense says – if your allergies are severe, speak with your doctor before even considering using raw, local honey as part of an allergy reduction regimen. I would imagine those who are special cases and severely allergic to a local pollen…they could do more damage than good by willingly introducing that specific pollen to their system. Every body’s different!

So why raw and local honey?

Mass-produced honey found in most grocery stores is nothing more than a flavorful condiment. All of the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been cooked out while heated at high temperatures. Sure, it delivers plenty of flavorful calories, but the health benefits of the product have been removed during production.

Honey Heaven at SDC
  • “Raw” (uncooked) honey keeps all of those healthful nutrients intact.
  • “Local” honey is significant because, in the end you’re trying to help the body reduce its allergic reaction to those specific pollens in your area. If the honey contains pollens from South Florida and you live in Wisconsin, you’re not helping your body build a resistance to the pollens in your own backyard.

Food for thought? Certainly. Food for your specific allergies? That is a question only you can answer.

Do some research on your own, consult your doctor and visit with the passionate team at Honey Heaven on South Campbell in Springfield. They’ll tell it to you straight and gladly answer all of your questions!

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HONEY HEAVEN & BEE-STRO CAFE – 2516 S. Campbell Rd. / 417.869.0233

You can also find Honey Heaven each weekend at the South-side Farmer’s Market in Springfield, and on Hill Street at Silver Dollar City.