Voice Over. LR Health & Beauty Annual Ball

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Conference & Event Video | LR Health & Beauty Deutschland

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Conference & Event Video Narration for LR Health & Beauty Deutschland

Andy Taylor voiced this CEO introduction for the 2018 LR Health & Beauty Global Leader Convention & Annual Ball in Frankfurt, Germany. “Voice of God” presentation like the above delivers a refined production for business conferences and award shows. Talented hosts and emcees are effective, but they can often inadvertently steal attention from the event’s main attraction. Meanwhile, the “faceless voice” prevents distraction, focusing the entire room on the dignitary, presenter or guest speaker. Therefore, authentic professional voice over is essential to produce a polished, top-shelf event.

What is LR Health & Beauty?

LR Health & Beauty is one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises, focused on improving quality of life for its members. LR provides unique health, wellness and beauty products for associates to sell, which allows them to organically build a business representing the LR brand.

Andy Taylor | A Voice for your Conference & Event Video

Nearly every sports venue relies on a live announcer, emcee or pre-recorded voice artist. As a result, fans experience an engaging presentation that directs, informs and entertains (see Sport Production). Similarly, many business conferences and events use voice over to engage attendees.

Conferences often begin with a narrated manifesto video designed to inspire the meeting’s participants. Additionally, VO guides traffic to specific work shops, keeps people informed of certain meetings, and ultimately drives the event.

Andy Taylor narrates countless events and conference videos. Typically, the content is only seen at the event or meeting, unless a video stream is offered for participants who cannot attend.

Voice Over for Business Conferences

Let’s take a look at another example of business conference narration.

We Are Developers is the largest developers conference in Europe. So it’s no surprise that in May of 2017, over 3-thousand developers and IT experts converged in Vienna for two days of cutting edge insight. Andy Taylor voices this galvanizing, inspirational video that opened the 48-hour blitz.

Narration for Church Services

Voice work is often also needed at church.

Just before the 2012 US Open, Central Christian Church in Las Vegas reached out to Andy Taylor seeking an enthusiastic, stadium announcer read for an upcoming service with NFL great Kurt Warner. In this production, Andy focuses on getting Sunday parishioners up and out of their seats.

Voice Over for Fundraising Events

The charity fundraiser is another popular event requiring narration.

For example, Cattle Baron’s Ball is a popular event for the American Cancer Society in the South and Midwest. In this video, Andy Taylor provides voice over for a video recapping the Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball, held a month prior. Clearly, the video’s goal is to inspire more donations.

Conference & Event Narration. Endless Possibilities

Voice over is everywhere. When hiring voice talent for conference and event production, it is important to find an actor with a captivating sound. In other words, if most tune out the voice actor, the event narration budget is completely wasted.

So, first and foremost, find a talent with an engaging sound that cuts through the din. Secondly, make sure you work with a reliable voice actor who understands your deadlines. And finally, consider using that same voice for all aspects of your event production, providing consistency in sound and messaging.

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