Veteran’s Day. A humble thanks.

To all of our nation’s Veterans and their Families:

For your selflessness; for your willingness to endure time apart; for your sacrifice, valor, strength of character and enduring example; for your leadership, heroic acts, responsibility and acceptance of duty – for country, for me…

For your service – I am and will always be grateful, inspired and deeply humbled.

You are my hero…and you are my Dad.

Loren F. Owens. 3rd Recon Battalion. 3rd Marines.

Love you, Dad. I can never say it enough. And you can humbly ‘shrug it off’ all you want, but you have two sons who will always be awed by what you endured; and how you’ve survived with a grin, a laugh, commitment and family, never looking back.

Above all else this Veteran’s Day, Dad: Thank you.

You are the man we most admire.

SGT Loren F. Owens
3rd Recon Battalion. 3rd Marines
Northern Quang Tri Province. Vietnam

He doesn’t wear the hat. He doesn’t have the vanity plate. He craves no recognition and expects nothing in return.

He’s a father, a grandfather, an American…who also happens to be a Marine. His humility will be his legacy.

But on this day, on Veterans Day, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to say: “Thank you for enduring harrowing hell while serving our country in Vietnam.”

To you, it may just be a responsibility fulfilled; to me and an entire nation, it means our freedom and way of life.

Truth be told, your modesty will always be overshadowed by your greatness…by your example.

Love you, Dad.