The Power of Positivity

For centuries, humans have been inventing phrases and statements to keep us focused on the positive, even under the most trying circumstances. One of the most familiar phrases:

“Every cloud has a silver lining”

The implication: While there are clouds now, shading the positively charged radient warmth of sunshine, the sun itself is never far away. You know…that “Hey, look on the bright side” type of bullshit.

My wife enjoyed one of those moments this morning.

The bus was 20-minutes late. There she stood, 30-degree weather, an arm-full of delicious cheese balls specially prepared for the pre-Thanksgiving company party.

After the bus finally arrived, she packed-in with a throng of late-for-work strap-hangars, on her feet for an additional 30-minutes while the driver inched through heavy traffic…only to discover upon arrival at the subway station, the inbound train was “out of service.”

Great start.

Suddenly, I became Tony Robbins…and Dionne was having none of it.

As you can see, my wife eventually made it to work…clearly consoled, reassured and inspired by a simple linguistic grain of human positivity; wisdom that should keep us all balanced even under the deepest duress…