Fear of Failure: One of life’s biggest road-blocks

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One thing I’d like to make clear to anyone under 25 right now…

If you want to solve problems, fix something or understand how it works – all it takes is simple, LEGITIMATE curiosity. Real curiosity leads to answers, solutions and comprehension, but you need to have the guts to really be curious.

For example – common conversations I have with a 22 year old friend involve comments like: “No way – that’s too hard.” Seriously. Or “I don’t how you can just be handy and know how to fix stuff. I’d never be able to that.”

It’s not that you can’t – you just need to admit to yourself that you don’t WANT to. That’s fine…there are plenty of people out there who’ll be happy to take your money to fix something you could have easily fixed on your own.

You claim to be curious – “How did you learn how to patch a wall?”…but you’re really not. You ADMIRE that someone is capable of doing home-repairs and fixes on their own – but you’re not curious to learn HOW. You’re simply not. And I have a theory why.

1) You don’t have the attention span…and never will. It’s a sign of the environment in which you were raised. The second I say “Lightweight Joint Compound” – you’re off somewhere else, wishing you hadn’t even broght it up. And the funny thing about this – why are you asking me anyway? You’re part of the internet generation – don’t you know if you were legitimately curious, you’d be able to find your answers with a simple google search on your smart phone?

2) Here’s the big one though – If you’re under 25, you have a fear of failure. After all, you haven’t had any experience with it. Everyone made the team, everyone got a trophy…no one failed. Failure is this HUGE, FRIGHTENING gray area in your lives that must be avoided at all costs. Why would I even attempt to patch the wall…I’ll screw it up and it’ll be the end of the world.

Listen to me – this is important. You wouldn’t know this, because you’ve been deprived of how to deal with it through your upbringing…especially socially and through school – FAILURE IS GOLD. The most memorable lessons you’ll have in this life come from failure. When you fail…you learn, so that typically – you don’t fail in that way again. To truly gain life experience – you have to FAIL…and you were robbed of this experience as a child – so unfortunately, you have to learn it as a young adult.

If there are problems you’d like solves, you’d like to fix something in your life, or truly understand how something works…first things first: Grow a pair.

Be brave enough to fail at something…and you’ll quickly be amazed at how your attention span grows, through your genuine curiosity of how NOT to fail in that way again.