Do we expect too much?

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Do we expect too much? I think so…

We’re now at least two generations into drive-thru restaurants, discount box stores and airlines, and now movies and entertainment downloaded directly to a handheld device.

For at least 50-years now, the rapid evolution of the consumer – all of us – has been based on instant gratification, but there’s a definite side-effect to all of this: Entitlement.

Sure, as consumers – we didn’t CREATE the expectation of instant gratification – but once it’s established, successful for business, and cheap – you can’t help but get pissed off and play the victim-card when the gratification isn’t as instant…or the prices go up.

But look at the landscape it’s laid…

– Food’s cheap and ready at your window – but how’s the waistline?

– The independent business owner – now earns a paycheck greeting customers saving money at the big box store

– And you have to PAY for your carry-on’s AND checked bags?! My grandfather never flew – he couldn’t afford it…OR the suit and tie to wear on the plane.

Today, technology won’t allow us to escape the expectation of instant gratification. But pay attention to the world around you…understand how it’s all interconnected…and enough with the entitlement – you’re exhausting.

Great advice: If you can’t afford it, you don’t need it. If you want to afford it, earn more money. And if you just asked: “But HOW?” – That’s for you to figure out. Stop playing the victim – you expect too much.