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Tokyo University of Science: Connecting education with research

Andy Taylor provides voice over for 2019’s Tokyo University of Science introduction video. The founding principle of TUS is to “build a better future through science,” with a determined focus to combine education with research, allowing each graduate to make a more positive contribution to society.

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Script. Tokyo University of Science | English Introduction

Research at the Tokyo University of Science is being actively pursued in over 380 laboratories on campus. Thus far, it has sent over 210,000 graduates into the world.

The Tokyo University of Science (TUS) began when 21 young scientists started up the Tokyo Academy of Physics, the forerunner of TUS, in 1881. Since its foundation, the school’s stated founding principle of “Building a Better Future with Science” has consistently upheld a meritocracy where only those students who truly acquire skills may graduate.

Always aiming for the cutting edge while holding to lofty ideals, and continuously supplying society with professionals supporting advancements in science and technology, TUS has grown into Japan’s greatest privately-run university of science.

Issues affecting the planet and space. Unavoidable disasters and natural phenomena. Data issues of modern society that stretch across the internet. Genetic-level research on humans and other living creatures. Today, TUS provides the opportunity to study topics such as these in fields from a variety of perspectives and on different scales, from the micro to the mezzo and macro.

TUS has four campuses that offer the ideal setting for building an academic foundation through research at its faculties and graduate schools, where the emphasis is on interdisciplinary research and integration between fields of study.

At TUS, where pioneering research is conducted across faculties, graduate schools and laboratories, a special effort is made to seamlessly connect education with research. By feeding research findings back into student learning, TUS constantly raises the quality of education, which makes a positive contribution to society.

TUS, one of Japan’s top universities of science, makes the world a better place through science and technology, while producing scientists with a strong ethical foundation and continuously evolving with pride into an education institution of the highest order.

Building a Better Future with Science. Tokyo University of Science

Additional Technology Voice Over from Andy Taylor

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