Voice Over. Project 17

AUTHOR: Giorgi Gogua. Marketing, P17

VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

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Project 17. Transforming online advertising to gifts and rewards

Project 17 is a network, which rewards users with tailored discount coupons while they’re surfing the web for their favorite content…like watching a favorite movie, spending time on a news site, signing up on a site, etc.

Let’s see how it works on Georgia’s #1 online entertainment website myvideo.ge…

We’ve put an interactive web banner at the end of the video. When the user watches any video on the channel, he’s rewarded with a tailored discount coupon.

To redeem a coupon, the user must accept it and put his email address in the field. In seconds, the user receives an email with the discount code and instructions in it.

To learn more, visit the Project 17 Prototype online.

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Thanks to Project 17 for the partnership.

Thanks Andy. Good job!

– Giorgi Gogua. Marketing, P17. Tbilisi, Georgia