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Voice Over Andy Taylor / Upcoming Media Solutions

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Innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development

The above video voice over from Andy Taylor details the unique app-development offerings of Upcoming Media, Inc. Upcoming Media turns packaged or uniquely presented products into augmented reality experiences, and so much more.

Retail applications

Show off your product in a spectacular way by integrating these options into the real world before you even have them in the retail store.

Let your clients see how paintings, lamps, statues, furniture and much more will look in their home before they even purchase the item.

Shopping Portals

Turn your print into an exclusive online shopping portal, giving your customer instant access to the products they want.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR games are the new way to play. Using your mobile device, you can virtually transport yourself to another realm, and place yourself in the frontline of awesome virtual experiences.

Bring your favorite fantasy characters, celebrities or sports icons to life right before your very eyes. With so much digital value at stake, trading games just got serious.

Real Estate Applications

Allow consumers to view and interact directly with the property you’re selling. Scanning can provide an instant seamless connection to an interactive model, social links and more contact information at the touch of a button.

Get started now. The future is here. Upcoming Media Solutions.

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Thanks to Upcoming Media Solutions for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Andy is my go-to guy for all male voiceovers, he is quality every time.”]

– Upcoming Media, Inc.