Voice Over. HOLDING COURT with Patrick McEnroe.

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Podcast & Audiobook Voice Over | HOLDING COURT with Patrick McEnroe

Voice Over for Podcast – HOLDING COURT with Patrick McEnroe

Announcer Andy Taylor. Voice of the 2022 US Open

Andy Taylor provides voice over for the intro and outro of the podcast HOLDING COURT with Patrick McEnroe. Known as “the hardest hitting podcast in tennis” – every week, Patrick scratches the listener’s tennis itch, while diving deep into the critical issues of our time. A global sport, tennis intersects with every major story dominating today’s news cycle, and Patrick never backs down from providing his unique perspective on the challenges facing us all.



That was the read, sounds great…Patrick loved it…Thanks man!

BRIAN BELL | Production Engineer, WGBH Boston | Producer, Muddhouse Media

Podcasts and Audiobooks. Ideal for today’s demanding pace of life

Consuming media only stops when one’s head hits the pillow. It’s relentless. From television and radio – to billboards, computers and personal devices. Today’s human brain is bombarded with more messaging and branding than ever before.

In response, many choose to control that continual intake by wearing earbuds or headphones virtually…everywhere. While the trend looks ridiculous to anyone over 40; when couched in this context, it makes sense: Control the noise with your own chosen noise.

Audiobook and podcast listening is an academic way to drown out the cacophony, with content catered to one. Listening to narration is intimate, easy and triggers the brain to constructively follow a story or message. Rather than face the ceaseless assault of distraction offered up with every passing billboard, pop-up, or timeline scroll.

Andy Taylor | Audiobook and Podcast Voice Actor and Storyteller

When authors hire voice actors to tell their stories, the process of selecting talent is similar to film casting, minus the visual. For example:

  • First, does the talent’s tone fit the author’s imagined sound of the narration?
  • Second, is the talent versatile enough to create unique sounding characters when the story calls for interaction?
  • Third, does the talent also possess the equipment and skills to create a great sounding read?
  • And finally, is the talent reliable and capable of delivering on important deadlines?

Voice Actor Andy Taylor possesses all of these attributes. As a result, he often exceeds the expectations of authors and hosts who believe his sound and style fit the needs of their narration.

I’m incredibly grateful to you for your time and incredible talent and professionalism…the read is perfect! You’ve captured all the subtleties and emotion perfectly. I totally could see hearing this on the History Channel or one of those. Very Ken Burns man, very.

Author Bryan Molloy. The John Harris Project

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