Voice Over. Insight Associates 25th Anniversary

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Voice Over. Andy Taylor. Produced by Business Film Booth

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Voice Over. Insight Associates 25th Anniversary Celebration

In October of 2017, Andy Taylor worked with the remarkably talented team at Business Film Booth, and provided voice over for a special event video, celebrating Insight Associates 25th anniversary.

Business Film Booth. Ingenious through Experience

Dave and Ed founded Business Film Booth with one ultimate vision: “To put a human on every website in the UK.”

These guys are insanely clever, original, inventive, and refreshingly down to earth. Business Film Booth truly understands the impact video can have in building not just an audience, but a relationship with your brand.

Video, however is simply the tool. The PEOPLE behind your business, brand or service are crucial to igniting interest; and those “humans” should be featured prominently in your video marketing.

Check out this video clip with Ed

Ed nails it. Create a personal connection with your audience and establish trust, by featuring members of your team in your video marketing.

“When you start putting people at the front of your marketing, it does things. It builds trust, you build familiarity with the staff, and you build rapport – which is a massive part of sales. So…we believe that putting people’s faces at the front of your business actually builds that personal connection. Probably the most satisfying experience is seeing a client who has trusted in us and filled up their whole website with video featuring staff. They’ve created something that has become an experience, not just another website. You’re actually going on a journey and meeting all the people behind it. You’re getting to know them, and it’s fun.”

Dave talks about the importance of embracing risk

This is significant. In all aspects of life, to build trust and strengthen relationships, we have to be willing to “put ourselves out there.” It’s no different in business, especially with your brand’s marketing. When you’re willing to embrace the risk of being the face of your website (your brand), the results can be very rewarding.

“The thing about doing any video work – actually any creative work, especially for your marketing – is that you have to get used to the idea of taking risks. That doesn’t mean you have to take silly risks, but you have to get used to the IDEA of risk. Getting in front of a camera is one of those risks. My advice would be: Give it a go. See what happens. You’ll be surprised.”

Why Business Film Booth?

Spend 20-minutes watching random business videos on YouTube. Anyone can record and hit upload. You want polished, professional, contemporary content that is original, authentic and strikes a nerve with your target audience, delivering on the intent of your message.

Dave and Ed have been “practicing what they preach” since the beginning, and as a result, have gained valuable experience by learning what’s worked and what’s tanked. Video marketing expertise through both success and failure is a tremendous compass for businesses just now embracing the risk of putting themselves out there.

Andy Taylor. Voice Over. Business Film Booth

A voice artist’s take

As voice over guys, we’re always starving for clever copy that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of…how to fuse two pipes together. Creative scripts with original ideas, designed to leave the viewer or listener with a specific feeling, or motivation, or understanding – those scripts are narration gold.

When first presented with the tongue-in-cheek “Insight Associates 25th Anniversary” script, it was resoundingly clear Business Film Booth did its homework about the subject’s character, and wrote from a place of honesty and authenticity. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of subtle humor (humour?), and it became the elusive filet mignon of reads.

In the daily grind of voice over, these filets are rare, and deeply appreciated. Check out the finished result above, then learn more about Business Film Booth and how they can help your business, brand or service take the leap into online video marketing.

At the very least, you’ll have a great time getting to know Dave and Ed – the two humans who embrace risk by being the faces at the front of their business.

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Thanks to Business Film Booth for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Thanks Andy – you’re a pro. Total understanding of what we were after. Very tongue in cheek. Client will love it.”]

David Foulkes. Booth Director. Business Film Booth