Voice Over. EEJIS Estimate Management

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Service Industry Videos | Produced by Promedia Video Productions

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Voice Over for EEJIS | Fortified Estimate Management

In March of 2019, voice actor Andy Taylor provided voice over for EEJIS, an online service that handles the estimate process for general contractors. The video was written, filmed and produced by ProMedia Video Productions in Dayton, Ohio.

Great job and thanks again!

Paul Miller | Owner/Producer, ProMedia Video Productions

EEJIS | Online Service for General Contractors

Essentially, EEJIS handles all of the laborious paperwork, allowing contractors to spend time focusing on individual jobs.

To be more specific, EEJIS inspects, writes, manages and processes a general contractor’s insurance estimates. In addition to saving time, on average EEJIS clients see a 30-50% increase in overall estimate value.

Most importantly, the EEJIS team is highly trained in strategies to quickly identify all property damage, especially damage that insurance adjusters commonly miss. Plus, EEJIS makes sure each contractor’s customer receives all the money owed to them.

Here’s how it works

Once a contractor arrives at the damaged property, all he or she has to do is send EEJIS some quick information about the policy holder, then the EEJIS team takes care of the rest. First, they’ll assess the damage in the field, then write the estimate and send it to the carrier. Finally EEJIS will process the estimate and inform the contractor once approved.

Through the process, not only do general contractors commonly earn more, but they do about 40% less work per estimate. As a result, they have more time to make sales and serve existing clients.

Moreover, the EEJIS online estimate management system allows contractors to track the progress of each estimate and oversee project managers. In turn, EEJIS clients always know exactly where they are in the claims process.

To learn more, visit the EEJIS website and reach out to the team through the contact form at the bottom of the home page.