Important: How NOT to pronounce “Epcot”

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I love misprounciations << BUZZER>>

I love mispronunciations…a common one I hear in the Midwest is ACROSST. Like, instead of saying “I saw Bigfoot walk across that field,” people will often say: “I saw Bigfoot walk acrosst that field.” Never quite understood it…it is what it is.

Another one I’ve heard is “Wal-Mark.” Instead of: “I’m heading to Wal-mart to get some groceries,” it’s: “I’m heading to the Wal-mark to get some groceries.” And you have to refer to it as “THE” Wal-mark…that’s important.

But the one that truly blew me away – over dinner with friends last night – and the culprick << BUZZER>> …uh culprit…will remain nameless, because I think I really embarrassed her by calling her out on it. We were talking about Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, and she was describing the hydroponic << BUZZER>> Hydroponic gardening at the Epcock Center.


Now – I felt terrible because I couldn’t stop laughing; but EPCOCK? That’s a theme park of a completely different variety…Yet one, no doubt – where you can truly experience the wonders of pollination.

C’mon kids – hop on the tram – we’re gonna head over to the…oh…