Davis Cellular – Our Marketing Partnership

Since 2009, I’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with Luke and Heather Davis, owners of Davis Cellular in Springfield, Missouri. Over the years, their business has grown, expanding to dozens of locations across the Ozarks and beyond, into additional markets like Tulsa and Jefferson City.

Luke1Back in November, Davis Cellular opened a new Repair Center in Springfield where they offer so much more than just repair:

  • If you have older equipment you’d like to sell, they’re buying.
  • If you’d like to trade-up or buy more current pre-owned equipment, no problem!
  • If you need an accessory for any type of gear, they have it or can get it for you.

When it comes to repair, they are lightening-fast with on-site certified technicians. In fact, they can turn around most repairs in a day because they’re stocked with the replacement parts you need. Should they have to order parts, typically the repair will be completed the next day.

Most popular quick-fixes include replacing shattered screens and repairing charge ports. Phones, tablets, any make, any carrier – The Davis Cellular Repair Center can fix it for you fast. Here’s the new commercial:

Today, with my business, I typically find myself in a recording booth reading and interpreting copy, on-stage as part of a show, or traveling to emcee events. What I truly enjoy about my work with Davis Cellular is that each commercial is more than a simple voiceover. It is a partnership.

In addition to voiceover, I offer creative, copywriting and full-service audio-production. Local partners like Davis Cellular rely on me to target their radio marketing to fit their goals. They trust me to write commercials that relate to their product’s demographic “sweet-spot,” fit the product’s overall image, and help build the company’s brand. It’s humbling to have these partnerships, and I take the responsibility very seriously.

Luke2Over the years with Davis Cellular, we built the brand around tongue-in-cheek humor featuring Luke and his family, often including Luke’s kids in the spots. Whether it was back-to-school, kids’ superior intelligence with technology, or texting at the Thanksgiving table – the commercials have been relatable, entertaining and informative in 30-seconds or less.

Here’s the best part for Luke and Heather – they don’t have to come to my studio to voice the commercials. I go to them! We typically take about 15-minutes out of their busy day to record, I produce the commercial on-site, and in one-hour their new spot is produced and delivered. Convenience for the client, thanks to today’s technology!

Luke3The truth is, marketing for any business is a necessary evil; but it can be an enormous, inconvenient TIME SUCK with so many pressing issues business owners face every minute of the day. With our relationship, Luke doesn’t have to burn time brainstorming commercial ideas, writing copy, traveling, recording or monitoring production. All he has to do is approve a script, schedule a session, then record a few voiceover lines within steps of his office. Done.

  • Does your business need help with creative audio/video production?
  • Are you interested in saving time and energy building your imaging and brand?
  • Do you need a marketing partner who can deliver on your vision and help make life easier?

Let’s get in touch!

Here are some more examples of recent work. If you’d like to talk to Luke Davis about our marketing relationship, give him a call: 417.818.8810.