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Voice Over Andy Taylor / ACM Flexible Packaging Company ITALY

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ACM Printing Plant 360° Virtual Tour

Welcome to ACM, your trusted flexible packaging partner.

We’re going to begin our journey across our production plant to show you how your flexible packaging comes to life. Let’s get started!

Graphics Department

This is the starting point. Our professionals provide an in-depth pre-press service, ensuring the best end result in terms of brightness and colour matching. Our primary aim is to meet the specific needs of each customer.

In this phase, we recommend technical optimization to ensure…

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  • Amazing prints: Because our standard is HD printing
  • Time saving: Cur chromaline is ready in 1-2 days
  • Cost advantages: Because we believe in the match – mininum-thickness and maximum-barrier to reduce environmental impact, ensuring the best results


Printing Plant

We move on to where the ideas come to life, printing plant.

All the customers’ clichés are stored in an automated system which allows us offer a faster and more efficient reprint service. Our technicians prepare with great care the matrices for the print to ensure a perfect reproduction.

Printing Department. Phase 1

What can you smell? Nothing? That’s because our team work in a clean working environment free from any chemical odors. We challenge ourselves constantly to develop Eco sustainable solutions. We use UV inks that ensure significant advantages for us and our customers:

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  • No risk of product’s contamination, because they are Solvent-free and low migration inks
  • Superior printing performances: such as excellent rub resistance and fade resistance
  • Reduction of environmental impact


Printing Department. Phase 2

In addition to the use of UV inks, we choose to be a FULL-LED printing company. All our printers are fitted with LED technology for the film’s drying. This ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency in printing. We can print 180 meters a minute and deliver the product in 2 weeks, even in the case of low minimum quantity orders.

Printing Department. Phase 3

Our latest addition in the printing department is the Eptachrome. In which we were the first company in Europe to invest in. There are 7 fixed colours, the traditional 4 quadrichrome colours, plus violet, green and orange. This setting allows us to reproduce up to 95% of PANTONE colours, notably increase the speed of production and reduce environmental impact.


The laminating area is a crucial part of our production process. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and to the use of solvent free adhesives, we’ll preserve freshness and shelf life of your products, even with the minimum material thickness.

Cutting Area

Our cutting operations offer many different options. With our laser cutter we can produce easy open, micro perforated and windowed solutions. We can also create anti tampering endorsements for pharmacuetical products or other specific cutting options.


ACM, in addition to the films, can provide personalized pouches and bags such as doypack bags, 2/3 side seal pouches, quad seal side pouches, gusset bags, zipper bags or resealable bags. We produce up to 20,000 thousand bags per day, ensuring a strong quality control.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control constantly tests the products in order to ensure to the customer, not only of rapid delivery, but also an excellent end product. We verify the endurance of the seals, the presence of any holes and the integrity of the product in general. The entire production process is carefully monitored allowing the traceability of the product at all times.

Project Complete

Your packaging has been designed, printed, laminated, cut and delivered in just two weeks. Now you know why you should choose a partner like us for your flexible packaging.

ACM. We turn ideas into amazing flexible solutions.

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Thanks to Giuseppe Lombardi for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”It was such a pleasure to work with Andy! Everything smooth…”]

– Giuseppe Lombardi. Wow Tapes Video Production