Preparing for Hurricane Irene at the U.S. Open

With public transportation shut-down and forecast of hurricane-strength winds and HEAVY rain, they’re nailing everything down here at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

All non-essential personnel will be evacuated from the site by 5:00p – many didn’t make the trip to work today, as they prepare their own homes and ready their families for the storm.

Here at the Tennis Center, teams are sand-bagging the grounds in anticipation of a lot of water. We wish the best to those who will be here, working through the night and through the storm – and thank their families at home, who will have to rough-it through the weather without them.

An update on Opening Night – as of right now, the goal is to play tennis – starting with the Day Session – on Monday. That means a BUSY Sunday and probably an “all nighter” Sunday into Monday for many here at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

The Taio Cruz performance has been cancelled – which is a shame, because it would have been an amazing show with Taio, lasers, lights, dancers – something never-before-seen here at the U.S. Open! But hey – this is about a fortnight of tennis, right? It’ll be great to get the Open rolling on schedule, with a hurricane (and earthquake) behind us.

Should weather conditions severely deteriorate here in Queens, I’ll update this blog with photos and information – and provide reports for KTTS-FM in Springfield, MO.

Off to my hidey-hole!