The Steve Katsos Show

Voice Over Andy Taylor. Television Guest Appearance. Steve Katsos Show with Honeysuckle
Steve Katsos with musical guests Honeysuckle

Steve Katsos is a presence. His bent for self-deprecation reveals an endearing awkwardness smothered with compassion. He is a champion…of other people: their talent, their gift, their voice.

Embodying the essence of the late Ed Sullivan, Steve will tell you he’s just a regular guy – a hard-working union audio specialist in sports television; but on Tuesday nights, his creation The Steve Katsos Show reaches millions of homes in 16 countries around the world. That’s hardly regular.

The show airs live every Tuesday night from Arlington Community Media in Arlington, Massachusetts. Carried by local television stations across the country, beamed worldwide and streamed online, The Steve Katsos Show has become Boston’s exclusive late night talk show featuring artists, authors and comedians from New England and beyond.

In Steve’s words: The Steve Katsos Show is an outlet for creative people to share their art, comedy, and music with the world, all from our small stage set in the Boston suburbs. We started this program in one town as volunteers helping struggling artists and we grew the show to air in over 15 countries weekly, all with a budget of $0. Help us get our message out to everyone. Follow your dreams! And, if you ever stopped doing what you love to do, because you thought it was your only choice at the time, we have news for you. You can begin, again.

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Audience Warm-Up

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It’s been said that Greeks are loud, stubborn and passionate. Steve is Greek. This genetic bedrock of his character has propelled Steve and his team of 50 volunteers through eight remarkable seasons of unforgettable memories, with guests like Michael Dukakis, Deval Patrick, Lenny Clarke, Wendy Leibman, Jimmy Tingle, the insanely talented Vance Gilbert, and Todd Newton – who I had a chance to work with for three years on the Price is Right, Live! This is not your typical community television production. The crew may be all-volunteer, but their talent and expertise forges a top-shelf network-style production.

This past Tuesday, I was lucky enough to join Steve and his team as the guest announcer on the show. I was beyond impressed with the crew’s professionalism and the quality of production. There’s a house band, live audience, special guest, comedian and musical guest. I met Pulitzer Prize winning author Steve Kurkjian (Spotlight), comedian Jack Walsh, talented trio Honeysuckle, and of course Steve himself. There’s something incredibly inspiring about being around 51 talented volunteers focused on creating compelling content for entertainment’s sake vs. financial and commercial gain.

The Mystery Hour. Guest Appearance

The experience reminded me of another ambitious host in Springfield, Missouri: Jeff Houghton of The Mystery Hour. Like Steve, Jeff followed his dreams. After years of hosting a live version of the show in downtown Springfield, he packed his bags and tried his luck in Los Angeles. A year later, he returned and reignited the show, this time with a local broadcast partner. Since then, he and his team have become internet sensations with hilarious satire like “Instagram Husband.” (Check it out below)

To Steve and all the aspiring hosts and creatives out there, I am your biggest fan. Throughout your life, you will constantly hear YOU CAN’T – especially from that high-pitched, anxiety-riddled, risk-averse “voice of reason” infecting your brain. Ignore that voice. The truth is, with determination and belief, YOU CAN. Even with a budget…of zero dollars. Listen to Steve Katsos. Follow your dreams.

Andy Taylor. Note to self: ALWAYS avoid extreme close-ups

Andy Taylor. After all these years, this was actually the first time I've used a teleprompter

The Steve Katsos Show. Studio Audience

The Steve Katsos Show. The Control Room

The Steve Katsos Show. Musical guests Honeysuckle

Steve Kurkjian. Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist

Jack Walsh. Comedian and Supervising Producer of the Steve Katsos Show

Andy Taylor. A Puerto Rican tan, and sincere need for Crest Whitestrips